Monday, May 5, 2014

Tallgeese Titan

[Set your GP base]
"..Tatsuya Yuki..."

[Beginning Plavsky Particle dispersal]
"...Tallgeese Titan...Ikuzo!"

I've been keeping this build under wraps until after the contest results were released...and today I unveil my latest creation - the Tallgeese Titan!

Hit the read more link to see the rest of this post! (PIC HEAVY)

You came here for you go!

(Handgun compartment)

 Work in progress posts are here in case you missed them:

I had a blast building this guy - more than eight weeks of inhaling plastic dust, glue and paint fumes, a thumb stabbing incident - it was all worth it. I got to try out a lot of new techniques and tools, design and print my own decals - and to top it all off, the Titan finished first in the recently concluded 2000 Member Contest over on "It's A Gundaaaaaam!!!!!!"

I'd like to thank Clay Geller, Ashley Gurley, Filipe Messias, Reitou Kokugami and the rest of the admins, judges, and sponsors for hosting a kick-ass event. I tip my V-fin to all the participants , and I hope to see you all again in the next battle! I also want to thank my wife for being patient with me and putting up with my late night building sessions - this one's for you!

I find it very rewarding to compete in events like these - not because there are prizes at stake, but because no matter the outcome, I always come away with some new technique or a general improvement in my building skills. You can read more about the contest results and see the rest of the entries in the group's album here --> It's A Gundaaaaaam!!!!!!

As always, I leave you with the cost analysis for this project, and I hope you join me again for the next build! Till next time, keep building plamo!


  1. Awesome work as always. While the colour scheme doesn't go well with my tastes, the details and modifications you have done are completely superb. You have come to prove that it's the talent, not brand or quality of material, is what makes a kit look awesome.

    Keep up the good work pare. As always, I look forward to your future works. :D

    1. Thanks Rein! I don't even think I'm talented, but I am very patient. I can spend hours working on something just to get it right :) I'll be in hiatus for a month and will be back for my next project in June.

  2. I have to agree with Rein ..... on all account.... and wow Paulo.. this is just amazing .... the Hummingbird love this so much he's drooling.... LOL

    1. Glad you like it Gary! Learning a lot from you and the rest of the guys over on MechaLounge ;)