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"A series of interviews with those whom I consider to be masters of the craft. I started Meijin Modeler to gain insight on how these talented artists work, and how they are able to produce such stunning works of art."
Seth Tuna


Mr. Gav
Anazasi Custom

Win Eiam Ong

Joshua Darrah
Mr. Dash


"This series showcases inspirational work from all over the world, and includes descriptions of what I find interesting about each particular model. Links to the artist's website or blog are also provided if you'd like to see more of his/her work." 


BACK TO BASICS (concluded)
"This series covers the basics on assembling a plastic model kit in preparation for painting. By teaching the importance of these basic modeling techniques, I force myself to practice what I preach and improve myself as well."


MECHA MUSUME (ongoing)
"A series of casual interviews with female mecha modelers. By sharing their experiences in the hobby, we hope to inspire more of the fairer gender to join our ranks."
Evon Tan Ezia Tori Becky Law


TALYER TALK (ongoing)

"A series that features notable workspaces, tools and workshop hacks scavenged from the internet. Follow the series if you're looking for ideas on how to maximize space and efficiency in your plamo work area."

Talyer Talk #1
Talyer Talk #2 - Workbench Updates
Talyer Talk #3 - Char's Airbrush Case



"A compilation of my airbrush reviews for easy browsing. Click on an image to jump to the review!"

H&S Colani H&S Evolution Silverline H&S Grafo T1
H&S Infinity CR+ Paasche Talon TG3F Sparmax Max 3
Moshen Michelangelo Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Badger Patriot 105
Badger Renegade Krome Master G233

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