Monday, September 4, 2017

OEM Angle Cutter - Review

Good day plamo nerds! It's been an eventful couple of weeks, making some slow but steady progress on my current WIP, and the unforgettable experience of judging at a build-off for the first time. The recently concluded GM Wars event hosted by South Plamo was a smashing success, bringing together new and veteran modelers for a fun afternoon of mecha mayhem. I had a notable headache after inspecting and appraising 30 excellent entries. The level of work made it all the more difficult to put a number on craftsmanship, especially since I am in no way or form an expert in this craft. But as judges we did our best, and I am pleased with the outcome. Now let's get back to our regular programming! Today I'll be sharing a very quick review of the OEM Angle Cutter I recently acquired to help with my scratch-building projects.

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