Monday, March 17, 2014

Tallgeese Titan (TGII) WIP 2

This is WIP 2 for the MG TG 2. WIP 1 can be found here:


I thought a bit of fanfic might help me flesh out the plans for this guy, so in line with the competition theme, I'm imagining this build as a PPSE prototype and predecessor to the Meijin's fielded kits.

   "When PPSE finally got their new Meijin on board, they immediately had him pilot this unit - the Tallgeese Titan - in a series of practice battles. This allowed the development team to collect detailed data on his fighting style. The Meijin found the Titan to be a powerful and versatile machine. He enjoyed having a wide assortment of weapons at his disposal and the ability to detach the heavy armaments made it adaptable to the opponent's tactics. However the tests revealed that the Meijin preferred higher agility straight off the GP base over tough armor. This collaboration lead to the development of the Meijin's first GBWC kit - the Kampfer Amazing."

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With this story in mind, I beefed up the armor on the legs with virtue parts.

I had to trim a ton of plastic from the inside just to get the tallgeese legs to fit.

I also had to do some surgery on the virtue feet...

I've modified the main guns even more - the barrels have been replaced and the overall length has increased.

Mounting the virtue backpack will be the real bottleneck in this project as it is quite heavy - but I feel it is necessary to complete the look.

I'm still debating with myself whether the mo-hawk suits the theme...I might end up replacing it with something that looks more solid. I'll take a few more days to finalize the design and figure out how I'm going to mount all the detachable parts...after that I'll spend about a week doing detail work like scribing and/or plating.

Stay tuned!

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