Monday, December 4, 2017

Sparmax Max 3 - Review

Hey plamo nerds! The generous folks over at Sparmax decided to send me one of their fine products - the Max 3 airbrush kit - so I could give it a once-over and see how it fares compared to the other airbrushes I've reviewed thus far. I've heard great things about this airbrush, and I'm excited to see how it performs. Let's take a look!

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Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY Spraybooth 3.0

Hey plamo nerds! I had a bit of free time over the weekend, and since I've got nothing on the workbench at the moment I decided to do some cleaning. I filled up a large trash bag with random junk, freeing up some extra space in my cabinet, which I immediately had to fill with something else because that's how my hyperactive brain works. A quick scan of my hobby equipment and my attention was drawn to the compact spraybooth. Why was I working with such a small booth when I had all this extra space anyway? It was time for an upgrade!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Manwah Leaf Puncher - Review

Hey plamo nerds! Here's a quick review on one of the new tools available in the shop - the Manwah leaf puncher! The punchers come in 4 designs: Birch, Oak, Maple and Cherry, and are used to make tiny leaves for scale model dioramas. Jump in if you want to know more about how they work!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kitsune - Build Diary

Greetings and salutations plamo nerds! GBWC Philippines 2017 is in the books, and it was one heck of a build-off! A ton of excellent work deployed to the battlefield this year, with last year's open category champion defending his title and taking the gold once again - a well deserved win for a monster of an entry! I didn't feel like my aging smartphone and photography skills would do justice to the winning entries, so here's a link to Gundam Philippines' page instead, I'm sure the official photos will be out soon. >> Gundam Philippines <<<

The Legend of Kitsune didn't make it into the top 3, but finished 5th place and was awarded a nice little consolation prize. This is the first time I participated in the GBWC, and I think I did quite well considering the level of competition this year. Now that she's back home, I get to do a proper photo shoot before she gets assigned to a permanent spot on my display shelf. Jump in if you want to learn more about the build, but be prepared for walls of text and a $h!tload of images!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Diamond Grinding Plate - Review

What?! another review?! That's right folks! If you haven't figured it out, I got a bunch of stuff to test  with my last shipment and am going through them one by one. Not everything turned out great, but the ones that look promising get shared here for all you plamo nerds to see. Today we'll be looking at another abrasive tool that I'm sure scratch builders and modders will love - Diamond grinding plates!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Diamond Micro Files - Review

Hey there plamo nerds, as promised, here's another tool review! I've been searching forever for the slimmest files, for getting at mold lines and flash in the tightest places like vents, slots, and in between fingers - and I finally found these diamond micro files! Let's take a look!

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Artisan Club Tool Assistant - Review

Hey plamo nerds! My apologies for the lack of updates on the blog - I've been cramming to finish my GBWC entry for the past few weeks, but now that the Kitsune has been deployed, we're back to regular programming! Today we'll be taking a look at one of the swankiest tool racks ever designed for the plastic model enthusiast: the Artisans Club Tool Assistant!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

The Legend of Kitsune

"Grandma said the fox god would protect us..."

muttered the child as she stared blankly, clutching a ragged, fox-like doll against her chest. Tears had left streaks of clear skin under her eyes, contrasting with the rest of her face which was covered in ash. The only survivor of another savage raid, the girl had been watching her village burn to the ground. Blood had caked down her leg from a gash in her thigh.

Her expression changed to that of anger as she flung the doll at the dying flames.
"The fox god is not real! If she was, then everyone wouldn't be..."

The girl fell to her knees, overcome by sorrow.
"Mama!.. Papa!...Grandma!..." she cried out, but only the rustling of the leaves and the crackling of the embers replied.

Saizo stood behind her, clenching his fists. He had heard that Yuron's men were on the move and tried to intervene, but he was too late. As he surveyed the area he found the familiar giant footprints of demons - huge mechanical beasts driven by those with spinal implants known as Alaya Vijnana.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

OEM Angle Cutter - Review

Good day plamo nerds! It's been an eventful couple of weeks, making some slow but steady progress on my current WIP, and the unforgettable experience of judging at a build-off for the first time. The recently concluded GM Wars event hosted by South Plamo was a smashing success, bringing together new and veteran modelers for a fun afternoon of mecha mayhem. I had a notable headache after inspecting and appraising 30 excellent entries. The level of work made it all the more difficult to put a number on craftsmanship, especially since I am in no way or form an expert in this craft. But as judges we did our best, and I am pleased with the outcome. Now let's get back to our regular programming! Today I'll be sharing a very quick review of the OEM Angle Cutter I recently acquired to help with my scratch-building projects.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Moshen Michelangelo Airbrush - Review

Hey there plamo nerds! I finally received my sample of the Moshen Michelangelo airbrush! I previewed this thing on the facebook page a few weeks back and it generated some excitement in the community because of the new nozzle design implemented in this airbrush. Today we get to have a closer look at the Michelangelo. Let's see what it has to offer!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thinnerline Circle Cutter - Review

Hey there plamo nerds! Today I'm sharing a quick review of the highly sought-after Thinnerline Circle Cutter! It's a clever tool designed to cut perfect little circles in thin material such as masking tape and thin plastic sheet - a task next to impossible to do without the aid of a special tool such as this.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mecha Musume - Becky Law

Hey there plamo nerds! I've been publishing one review after another, and it's almost as if this place is turning into a proper blog. We can't have that can we? Time to break up the seriousness with a long-overdue Mecha Musume interview! Today we have a very special guest from Malaysia who started mangling plastic robots long before many of us (myself included) got into the hobby.
A renowned modeler and extremely versatile artist that dabbles in almost every plastic and resin genre there is - ladies and gents allow me to introduce to you all, the talented Becky Law - a.k.a. Becky Customizer!

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