Monday, September 4, 2017

OEM Angle Cutter - Review

Good day plamo nerds! It's been an eventful couple of weeks, making some slow but steady progress on my current WIP, and the unforgettable experience of judging at a build-off for the first time. The recently concluded GM Wars event hosted by South Plamo was a smashing success, bringing together new and veteran modelers for a fun afternoon of mecha mayhem. I had a notable headache after inspecting and appraising 30 excellent entries. The level of work made it all the more difficult to put a number on craftsmanship, especially since I am in no way or form an expert in this craft. But as judges we did our best, and I am pleased with the outcome. Now let's get back to our regular programming! Today I'll be sharing a very quick review of the OEM Angle Cutter I recently acquired to help with my scratch-building projects.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Moshen Michelangelo Airbrush - Review

Hey there plamo nerds! I finally received my sample of the Moshen Michelangelo airbrush! I previewed this thing on the facebook page a few weeks back and it generated some excitement in the community because of the new nozzle design implemented in this airbrush. Today we get to have a closer look at the Michelangelo. Let's see what it has to offer!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thinnerline Circle Cutter - Review

Hey there plamo nerds! Today I'm sharing a quick review of the highly sought-after Thinnerline Circle Cutter! It's a clever tool designed to cut perfect little circles in thin material such as masking tape and thin plastic sheet - a task next to impossible to do without the aid of a special tool such as this.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mecha Musume - Becky Law

Hey there plamo nerds! I've been publishing one review after another, and it's almost as if this place is turning into a proper blog. We can't have that can we? Time to break up the seriousness with a long-overdue Mecha Musume interview! Today we have a very special guest from Malaysia who started mangling plastic robots long before many of us (myself included) got into the hobby.
A renowned modeler and extremely versatile artist that dabbles in almost every plastic and resin genre there is - ladies and gents allow me to introduce to you all, the talented Becky Law - a.k.a. Becky Customizer!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's about TIME!

Hey there plamo nerds! I've been on some sort of tool spree these past couple months. There were a few kit purchases in between too, but I've mainly been focusing on upgrading my arsenal of hobby equipment - and I guess some of you might be wondering if I'm trying to steer the blog in a different direction - away from it's budget oriented origins towards expensive gear territory. On the surface it may seem that way, but I assure you, I'm still being as frugal as ever. The truth is, behind every tool upgrade was a tool or kit sale. I've been selling off my backlog and old stuff to help fund these new acquisitions, and I'll explain why...

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2-in-1 - Unboxing

Greetings and salutations fellow plamo nerds! You might have noticed from my past few posts that I've been acquiring some of the most well regarded airbrushes out there for model painting. I started off with the affordable but well-reviewed Master G233, followed by the bad-ass Badger Krome, the versatile Patriot, and most recently the invincible Iwata Eclipse. I've been on a personal quest to find the perfect airbrush for this hobby, and today I'll be sharing my newest acquisition - a tool that many consider to be the holy grail of airbrushing equipment: the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus!

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(WARNING: lots of images)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kimaris - Knight of Gjallarhorn

Hey plamo nerds! Welcome back from the long weekend! GMKC 2017 wrapped up last Sunday, and although I didn't get any awards, I was glad to have participated. It was my first time joining a major sanctioned event, and while the outcome did not match my expectations, I gained valuable experience. I was hoping more recognition would be given to color separation, shading, seam fixing and weathering, but just like many events before it, high gloss still reigns supreme in GMKC 2017. In any case, I applaud the emerging winners for their flawless execution. Now that the Kimaris is back home, I'm just happy to add another model to my display cabinet.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Border Model Masking Template - Review

What's up plamo nerds! Here's another tool review to round off the week: a nice and shiny masking template! For the uninitiated, a masking template allows for easy cutting of masking tape into  patterns typically used in plamo painting. Digital and Hex camouflage patterns are popular among armor and mecha modelers, and a template such as this one from Border Model simplifies the process a great deal.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Manwah Scribing Tempate - Review

Hey plamo nerds! Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been busy filling orders, and of course there's the GMKC that kicked off last Saturday and concludes this coming Sunday, June 25th. While we anxiously wait for the results, let's take a look at another tool that is essential to custom builders who enjoy more detail on their kits - the Manwah Scribing Template!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS - Review

Ohayou gozaimasu plamo otakus! I've been getting really lucky these past couple of weeks...landing one good deal after another on top notch tools - and today I get to share with you one of my latest finds - a genuine Iwata airbrush! It's a pre-loved item and is missing the box so there won't be an unboxing in this post, but it's in super mint condition. Why get another airbrush? I asked myself the same question before I hit the buy button on this one - but a quick consultation with some esteemed modeler friends yielded a unanimous decision - you don't pass up on an Iwata! Jump in if you want to see what this airbrush has to offer, and there's a video at the bottom showing how it performs.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Featured Seller - Pub Hub

Hey plamo nerds! Let's kick off June with another featured shop, this time hailing from Bacolod - city of smiles and delicious roast chicken! PUBHUB Hobbies and Collectibles is one of the best stocked hobby shops in the country, carrying highly sought after kits, tools and supplies. Don't let the simple store front fool you, this place is an absolute gold mine! Jump in to see what they have to offer!

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Badger 105 Patriot - Review

Hello once again plamo nerds! It's a fine day for a review, and today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the Badger 105 Patriot airbrush! It's a pretty old product from Badger, and there are tons of reviews on it already on YouTube, but I thought I'd throw in my two centavos on this seasoned veteran anyway. At the very least I can give you guys some insight on how it compares with Chinese generic airbrushes and it's younger but more expensive cousin, the Renegade Krome. Let's go!

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