Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meijin Modeler - Anazasi Custom

I've featured lots of spectacular work and awesome builders on this blog, but most of them are from overseas. Today I am proud to share an interview with a truly talented countryman, who has been in the hobby since I first heard the word "Gundam". A well renowned commission modeler with hundreds of projects under his belt, he has made his mark in the plamo community as one of the top builders to come from the Philippines. Ladies and gents, let's all welcome Vanz Hilario - more popularly known as Anazasi Custom.

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It's A Gundaaaaaam!!!!!! Annual Competition 2015

Greetings fellow plamo nerds! It's been an uneventful past couple of months for me in the hobby, what with everything going on in my life that warrants a separate post altogether - but I've been keeping tabs on the plamo scene, and I'm very pleased to see that everyone I've met through the hobby has been continuously upping their skills, putting out one great build after another.  I haven't found the time to work on any projects myself since January, and I've already missed a couple of events I wanted to enter -  one of which was the recently concluded annual competition over at  It's A Gundaaaaaaam!!!!!!. The competition was fierce this year, and some mighty mechas righteously claimed the top spots. As a previous winner of the event, I was invited to help with the judging - and I've gained a whole new appreciation of the tough work that goes into scoring for an event like this. Let's get on with the's how it played out!

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