Thursday, May 15, 2014

Superbuilds I

Greetings plamo fans, and welcome to the first ever edition of Superbuilds! It's been a year since I last featured other people's work here - now I'm thinking of making this a regular thing in between my own WIP posts and tutorials. The first thing I do when I get a new kit is pull up google and search for built and customized examples of the same model, which helps me come up with my own concept and design. I'll be featuring some epic builds I've found on the web over the past couple of years, sharing what I like about them - and I'll provide the link back to the source for your own research. Note that many of these are from foreign blogs, so you may need Google Translate to get more info.

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First up is the RG Strike Azzurro by Shunneige

This modeler seems to have started a revolution in the hobby, evident in the many super-detailed builds coming out as of late, looking to follow in the footsteps of his GBWC champion Nu ver. ka.  Have the patience to navigate his Japanese blog, and you will be rewarded by high-res images of his spectacular work - and more importantly for learning builders like us - detailed WIP posts. His Nu blew your mind. Now ponder the RG Strike Azzuro, with the same level of detail in a much smaller scale. It is not uncommon for one to get an erection while going through his blog.

Next up is an MG Blitz from G-Trance

If you think your kit has good proportions, this guy's work will make you think again. The modeler calls it the Blitz ver. SS (Super Style), and I couldn't agree more. The detailing mods and changes in proportion were done so stealthily you wouldn't even know they were there...until you see it standing next to a regular MG Blitz. A few more pics into the gallery and you get an overwhelming desire to throw your own Blitz out the nearest window. Thankfully, I haven't built one yet, but this build has bumped the Blitz up my wanted list for sure.

If you're into LED mods, check this out:

I stumbled upon this Korean blog back when I was doing research on how to wire up the LEDs for my Kampfer, and I've been following it ever since. This modeler does some of the best LED work in the hobby. Combined with his top notch scratch building and painting skills, this guy is one to look out for in the next GBWCs.

This Gelgoog showcases the masterful weathering skills of Matever

This guy does everything from gundams to ACs to Votoms to spaceships, and he does it really well. I love his signature weathering style - despite the natural looking wear and tear on his models, the builds still end up super clean. Unfortunately, no one can be told what Matever's weathering looks have to see it for yourself. Good thing his blog is overflowing with high-res pics. Enjoy.

Now let's look at ZZZang65's Sazabi Ver. Ka

Sometimes all a kit needs is a good paint job. Aside from the standard seam and nub removal, I'm not seeing any big mods done to this kit - It's the classy color scheme and clean execution that makes this a masterpiece in my eyes.

I hope these examples inspire you just as they have inspired me. Credit for the works featured here go back to the builders themselves. That's all I have for this edition of Superbuilds. Thanks for stopping by!

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