Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tallgeese Titan (TGII) WIP 3

This is WIP 3 of the MG Tallgeese II build. Previous WIPs can be found here:


Some progress over the past 2 weekends - I finally got the backpack mounted. I wanted to use magnets but ended up going with a couple of screws to secure it to the body.

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This means it will be a lot less convenient getting the backpack off (won't be doing that often anyway), but at least it's stable. I modified the bars that held up the original thruster packs for better weight distribution.

A lot of cosmetic work going on alongside the mods...the Virtue kit was a much older release by TT, so there are some rough and warped parts that are too obvious to ignore.

I found out that the gatling guns actually fit inside the larger barrels of the GN cannons. Now I am torn between mounting them there, or keeping them on the shoulder.

Loosing the gatling guns altogether doesn't look too bad either, and makes it appear more tallgeese-like...only chunkier.

I'm about 90% decided that he looks better without the mohawk, but I'll try to scratch something up first to replace it and see if that works.

That's all I have for now, check back again in a week or so for updates! Cheers!

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  1. ya have any idea to convert ag to hg??i have a lil bit of idea on the knee and elbows but i dont have any alternatives for the jointed parts...