Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A lot has been going on these past couple of weeks. I've been so busy with work I've had to put extra time in just to meet my deliverables. We celebrated my son's 1st birthday last weekend which I am glad went very smoothly. Can't believe a year has already gone by since he was born...they do grow up fast! As for my hobby, the Templar won top spot in the recently concluded Level Up competition hosted by GundamUK, and I've also been having a somewhat heated "indirect" exchange with another blogger on the issue of bootlegs. While I have better things to do than argue with a self-proclaimed gunpla diety and his so called worshippers, I found it entertaining how we less fortunate knock-off builders were referred to as cheapskate bootleg collectors. Thank you captain obvious!

I'd also like to thank you for frequenting my blog enough and taking the time to update your previous post in response to my latest rant. Now that was funny. I'll be channeling all of this positive energy into my next plamo - the Daban TG2.

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I finished snap building the kit and I've done a little bit of clean-up, but I'm not sanding too much at this point yet since I intend to do a lot of mods. Had a few minor fitment issues with pegs not fitting into holes and flash around pc molds - nothing the side cutters and knife couldn't fix.

I don't have a clear plan for this guy yet in terms of customization, but I'm liking the idea of a heavy weapon loadout in contrast with the melee setup of the Templar. I do have the spare dober gun from the TG1, and a pair of double gatling guns from a FA uni.

just fooling around with high powered weapons

I opened up the ammo cartridge on the dober guns so they can show off some solid ammunition detail. A quick tutorial on how to do this can be found here: Opening up armor panels.

I trimmed some of the internal frame that holds the rear skirt vernier hatches. This allows them to open up quite a bit more.  The ball joints got a bit loose, but that can be fixed with glue later.

I'm entering the contest being hosted by "It's a Gundaaaaam" over on facebook with this guy. I seem to work better under pressure and a competition helps keep me focused.

This is the last thing I'll say about this because frankly it is getting old - though I buy them myself, I do NOT promote bootlegs or recommend them in any way. If you can afford to buy original, please do. I might pick up a Bandai kit or two this year, just to show my gratitude to the company that started it all. If you collect only bootlegs, I suggest you do the same by saving up for a Bandai HG kit at least.

Until next time, keep building plamo!

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