Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hi Nu VEVO WIP 3: 99%

This is part three of my Hi Nu VEVO build.

I was able to bring the build up to 99%. I only have a few minor detailing jobs and I have not attached the main back thrusters hoping that I can make them look more mechanical to go along with the rest of the kit.

For the fin funnel system and stabilizer: Lots of rivets, IC pins used here, and I used a portion of a paperclip to represent a pipe running down the midsection of the stabilizer. I also did some minor weathering where i saw fit.

Shield:  More rivets, reversed IC pins to resemble mini antennae, and I added blue “horns” to make the shield look bigger. I got lazy here and didn’t measure where to drill, so I ended up with uneven rivets..oh well..still looks nice I think.

Rifle: Nothing much going on here…I think this guy deserves a much better weapon than this…like gundam wing’s buster rifle. I will mod this for sure…

Here he is at 99%:

I'll put this guy up on the shelf once the back thrusters are done, here are more pics for now... 

Till next time! 

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