Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi Nu VEvo WIP 2

This is part two of my Hi Nu VEVO build (look up part one in the post entitled “So much to do, so little time..”). Three weeks into this project, I have now built the main mecha: head, body, arms and legs. Being a plastic recast of a resin kit, there is a lot of room for detailing on this model. I was able to acquire a pin vise (finally) and some decal sheets at a recent event, and I put them to good use in this project. I also added some shading with tamiya weathering master. Here are some pics:
Leg detailing:

Rivets, Head Vulcan:

Extra vents on shoulders:


…that’s what I have so far. I think I’ll be taking a little more time on this kit to add even more rivets/thrusters/hydraulics and to clean up visible nub marks. Till next time!

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