Thursday, June 21, 2012

ToyCon 2012

a very well done Warmachine cosplay
Last weekend, ToyCon 2012 was held at SM MegaMall, and I was able to check it out with my wife, my fellow otaku brother-in-law and his wife. 

The event was fairly large - mega trade halls 1, 2 and 3 were packed with booths, toy displays, gaming areas, a full stage, and a toy museum for different collector groups. There were so many people we had to squeeze ourselves through a sea of cosplayers looking for toy deals. Surprisingly, I found no good gunpla deals at all! Everything I picked up was overpriced. I guess the idea was to haggle for better prices - but getting a 50% discount on something priced twice as much as normal is just stupid.

 I guess the retailers had to make a profit, or get back the fees they paid to join the event or something. Perhaps die hard collectors looking for that elusive action figure to complete their set would have had a blast at the event, but honestly the prices really killed it for me. Even the bootlegs were overpriced. (How did bootlegs get into the event anyway?) I did enjoy the toy displays - the 1/6, 1/4 and life size sculptures took the cake. 

these are busts...not cosplayers.

You can see a few more pics of the event here: 

My greatest disappointment was not making it in time to submit my mecha contest entry... I was going to enter the mecha contest with my Delta Plus which I had detailed up..but we arrived late due to heavy traffic, and I had to lug around my backpack containing my entry for the rest of the day. I could still enter the Delta Plus at the next event anyway so no big deal. Here are some pics of it that I took the night before.

Stay tuned for my next project: MG Kampfer!

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