Thursday, June 7, 2012


This is the last part of my Hi Nu VEVO build. In my last post I achieved 99% completion, missing only the main back thrusters and some minor details. I have finished them, and this model is now 100% complete. (at least until I think of something to do with the mediocre rifle)

For such an impressive backpack design this model only has two big thruster bells jutting out of the back. They look unexciting next to the fin funnel system and giant propellant tanks, so I decided to modify them. For some reason this kit had some extra side skirts, so I used those as fins, and then attached two metal thrusters to complete the effect. Here’s what I ended up with:

I think they go really well with the design and give this powerful MS the propulsion system it deserves!

The modified thruster systems are attached using the same ball joint, so they can still be moved around without obstructing the fin funnels. I also added some spare hydraulics (also from the kit, it has a lot of spare parts) to the funnel system dock. - they’re those red cylinders near where the funnel system attaches to the back.

I'm glad I took my time with this build, the end result speaks for itself and I really learned a lot of tricks along the way. My advice to anyone building this model is to be careful when snapping the parts together...the plastic is thin..the thinnest i've worked with in fact, as it seems the manufacturer decided to sacrifice durability in trying to achieve better detail. The only fitting problems i had were the tiny vents that kept falling out of the shoulders..nothing some glue couldn't fix. I 'd recommend this kit to anyone who want's a highly detailed model that looks good even straight out of the box. I haven’t purchased a new kit yet, but I’ll be keeping myself busy drilling and adding rivets to my previous builds.

Till next time!

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