Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So little time, so much to do...

So I finally got to see the first four episodes of Gundam Unicorn (the English dubbed version, thanks to my bro-in-law) and may I just say that it is top notch. It has a movie-like feel to it, as if the whole series was an OVA special. It was great to see my favourite mobile suits in action – the female-piloted Kshatriya  laying waste to dozens of mobile suits, and then going head to head with the Unicorn - and of course the Sinanju manned by none other than the 2nd Char Aznable. His battle with Banagher in episode 2 was nothing short of epic. After seeing the series  the master grade Unicorn has made it to the top of my wish list… I already have a color scheme in mind – and to be able to pose my Sinanju kicking the Unicorn in the gut would be priceless. There will be a special screening of episode 5 at SM North EDSA on May 27, 10am-1pm for the participants of the Gunpla competition on the 26th. Other otakus may also see the movie by purchasing 300php worth of Gundam merchandise at participating stores. If time permits I will go there to see the contest entries, but I will probably just watch episode 5 at home.

See the mechanics below:

 In other news, I was finally able to get double bazookas for the Sinanju! The runners looked like they had more flash than actual parts but a good deal of trimming and sanding did the trick. I painted these with the ever dependable mr. hobby steel and then decal'ed them up with wet transfer Zaku bazooka insignia and a few Sinanju dry transfers i had left over. Threw in a bit of detailing in gold and black panel lines and here's what i ended up with:
monster guns go well with the monster backpack...

 This guy is done….......for now ;)

 I hit a roadblock in the Hi Nu VEVO WIP when I realized I was missing an entire runner (the A runner no less!) . Instead I had two D runners, which is why we got the right count when we checked the box. Luckily I was able to make a side trip to get the runner replaced. Lesson learned: when purchasing a kit, check the runners one by one – a little diligence can mean the difference between a great kit and one with a missing leg.

The white runners look good sprayed in Bosny pearl white and panel lined with grey gundam marker, the blue runners have been hand painted mr. hobby metallic blue, while the internals are hand painted in mr. hobby steel. I never liked yellow-on-white parts of gundams...somehow they reminded me of sunny-side-up eggs.. so i re-did those parts in mr hobby flat red. Here's what I have so far: the upper body is done sans decals - the kit came with a big sheet of water-slides and I intend to put them to good use..

Stay tuned for more updates on this build – hopefully I’ll have it on the shelf by end of May!

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  1. Hi. Do we need to prime the parts before using the pearl white paint? Thanks