Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trigger Happy

Next in line for the remodeling project was the MK2 in Titans colors. Out of the box this kit already looked customized because of the alternate paint scheme. Unfortunately the previous owner snap-built this kit as if he had to do so in the shortest amount of time – leaving nubs everywhere. If this model was ever going to make it to my shelf I had no choice but to take it apart, sand down the nubs, and paint it. This mobile suit looks very bulky – sharing the leg and arm girth of taller models such as my Delta Plus – so I decided to do a heavy weapons theme. The kit would still have that dark blue base color, but I would load it up with lots of firepower.
Like in all of my gunpla projects, I started with painting and detailing the internal frame, and then I sprayed the outer armor dark blue...

These machineguns intended for Halo action figures (see the hands attached?) had great detail and were the perfect size – I just had to buy them. At 80 php each they were a steal (Divisoria FTW!)

I added these ammunition barrels to the backpack so this MK2 would never run out of ammo in a fight like that chump Trowa Barton always does. What are they made of? Look up at your fluorescent light…see that cylindrical thing under the magical glowing tube? It’s called a starter. It's not expensive.

For the ammo belts, I broke out the snake chain (Divisoria FTW!). I had to glue two strands together (one link at a time to retain flexibility) to form a belt.

...I added missile pods to the shoulders and legs for good measure. (i got these from an electronics store...not sure what they're called but i call them missile pods.)  Fresh off of the cutting mat: MK2 Heavy Weapons System – a trigger-happy MS pilot’s wet dream! let's go!

reminds me of the APUs from the Matrix..

if bullets don't do the trick, holster the machine gun...

...and shoulder the bazooka!

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  1. Hi. Just found out about your blog. Enjoy reading about your work and ideas. I'm also on a budget and is nice to read and get some ideas on how to improve. The missile pods you mentioned are called connectors. They are used to connect wires together.