Friday, May 4, 2012

Delta Plus Build Diary

In this post I’ll be recounting the build process for the current kit I’m working on – a Master Grade Delta Plus.  After doing a lot of catching up, learning what I can about Gundam modelling, and seeing pictures of completed kits online, I was able to narrow down my list of coveted models. Near the very top of that list, second only to the Sinanju, was the Delta Plus.

None of the replica brands carry this design, so my chances of ever acquiring this kit we’re cut in half from the very start…but if I was to buy an original kit, I knew it would be this one. I just love the lines and proportions, add to that the fact that it can transform into a jet (wave rider mode) and I was sold. After a few days of getting her in the right mood and a lot of bribing, my wife finally agreed to let me buy this model (she’s the best J ) . Strangely enough right when I went into the store, someone else purchased the only Delta Plus on display. I had to cross my fingers and what other appendages I had when I asked the salesperson if they had any more in stock. I was lucky, as they had only one more. I guess the kit was really meant for me!

 I settled on a color scheme similar to Warmachine. Chrome, black and lots of decals - but instead of the shiny brand new look I wanted this MS to appear as if it had been fighting a lot already, and is in need of maintenance and repair. I sprayed most of the kit with Bosny chrome, and used flat black on the other panels on the feet and chest area. For the internal frame, I used Mr. Hobby steel. 

My brother-in-law was kind enough to lend me his Tamiya Weathering Master set. I applied the smoke and rust pastels on the kit, careful not to go overboard. From what I’ve learned on gunpla websites, there is a huge difference between weathering a kit, and just making it dirty.
<legs with weathering>
I actually used some of the regular stickers that came in the box. The chrome base and the weathering made it easier to hide the fact that they were plain old stickers. I also applied a good amount of dry transfer decals, and some wet transfer ones as well which I purchased separately. I was going for that navy fighter jet look. A few days ago I was able to get my hands on a Tamiya Weathering Master D set, and proceeded to apply burnt blue and red on the parts where I saw fit, such as engine exhausts.

 I was able to sneak in a LED modification into the head by cutting off some plastic. It was a risky move - this being a very expensive model – but it payed off. I’m thinking of modifying the wings a little bit, maybe add weapons and thrusters as they are kind of bare on their own. For now I settled for scribing some panel lines to make it look more like real aircraft wings. I also modded the rifle and gave it a longer barrel, plus some parts off of a HG Seven Sword. Like the scope? Its made of those ever reliable ballpen tips! I just had to saw off a bit to make it work.

 ...and after about 3 weeks of work, here it is! the burnt metal effect..

Wave Rider mode...

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