Friday, May 4, 2012

Otaku’s day out

A couple of weekends back I drove my wife to a bridal shower party at the Linden suites in Ortigas. Naturally, boy’s aren’t allowed at these kinds of things, so I had to find something to do while I waited for her. Megamall was only a 10 minute walk away so it was my obvious destination. Once there, I headed straight for Lil’s hobby shop. This store has been around for as long as I can remember. I frequented it back when I was in grade school (I was a Tamiya mini-4WD Otaku back then) , and my brother and I used to participate in weekend races. The store hasn’t changed much since, except for a new facade – it’s still a modeller’s paradise. Inside you’ll find boxes upon boxes of model kits piled up ceiling high, cabinets full of model and RC parts, and in the back, my objective - a display case of modelling materials. I guess they still held the weekend races, because a dozen elementary and highschool kids were rummaging through the stacks of mini-4WD kits, blocking the way. I had a lot of time to kill, so I let them finish paying for their stuff before I approached the counter. I was in luck, as they had exactly what I was looking for – a Tamiya Weathering Master D set!

  I’ve been keen on getting this since I saw a youtube video where the modeler used this “weathering makeup-kit” to achieve that bluish / reddish burnt metal effect on the headers and exhaust tip of a model car. You’ll see this in action when I post my Delta Plus build diary.
I still had about four hours to kill so I decided to check out the other toy and hobby stores. Another pleasant surprise was an Avengers toy sale. I was particularly drawn to this diorama from the final battle scene in Ironman 2.
if only whiplash kept his helmet on, he would've won this fight...

After admiring the toy displays, I headed up to the cinema to see Battleship. I’m not a fan of naval warfare and ships in general, but they duke it out with alien warships designed by the guys who did Transformers, so I wanted to see it just the same.
 As expected the story was crap, the acting was lame, the plot was moot, and the battle scenes were great. A lot of it didn’t make sense: like (spoiler alert!) how did the good guys get away from the three alien ships in the first encounter? Why did the aliens stay in the water and not just fly? And why did they move like dolphins / flying fish? It would have made a lot more sense if their ships were submarines because the aliens couldn’t handle sunlight. And with all their advanced technology the aliens only lobbed mortar-like shells and those spinning sonic-the-hedgehog things…where are the lasers? How did the aliens achieve interstellar travel without inventing a proper line-of-sight weapon?  It was a perfect example of how great special effects cannot save a movie from being a disaster. It wasn’t a total loss though…I enjoyed the AC/DC soundtrack. 

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