Monday, February 13, 2017

Hobbiworkz Airbrush Cleaning Pot - Unboxing / Review

Greetings and salutations plamo weeabs! Here's a quick unboxing and review of the Hobbiworkz Airbrush Cleaning Pot. There's a video review at the bottom of this post so you can skip down to that if you prefer listening to my sexy bedroom voice, but for the KB conscious, I took a bunch of pics as well.

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I ordered this from Hobbiworkz and it arrived via JRS in two days - pretty good considering it came all the way from Cebu. Packaging was decent, no bubble wrap, just some extra padding on the exterior.

For the uninitiated, a cleaning pot is used to catch leftover paint from the airbrush. It is designed to be sprayed into, so that it contains all the atomized paint / thinner / cleaner particles, allowing mostly just air to escape from the jar, and you don't end up with a cloud of toxic stuff floating around your workspace.

The box contained one cleaning pot, and one AB holder attachment, which I found inside the jar upon taking off the lid. Underneath the lid there's a gasket for a tight seal.

The AB holder plugs into a slot on the lid, but it does not clip into it, so it might be a good idea to hot glue that in there to keep it secure if you intend to use it as your main airbrush holder.

The filter cap pops off to show a basic mesh filter underneath, slightly more dense but similar to those used in an airconditioner. Hobbiworkz offers spare filters as well, so it might be a good idea to order some of those along with the cleaning pot.

The inlet is rubberized, which should provide a good seal around the airbrush nozzle when inserted, and might also reduce the risk of damaging the AB needle if your insertion aim is off...*snicker*

The jar itself is made of thick, heavy glass, so it's weight alone is enough to keep the airbrush stable - but it comes with a metal leg that helps keep it upright and also doubles as a handle when pouring out the contents of the pot.

I wish it came with extra filters out of the box, and a grippy bottom on the jar would have also improved stability - but overall it's a really practical design. Before ordering it I thought about going the DIY route, but considering how affordable it is at Hobbiworkz, I might have ended up spending the same amount on materials if I assembled one myself.

Here's the same review in video format, with a quick demo of how to use it.

Order yours now at Hobbiworkz!

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Honestly now that I have one, I wonder how I survived this long without a proper cleaning pot. After the Boros project I found lacquers to be much more agreeable than water based acrylics, and since I'm bumping the toxicity of my materials I'm upgrading my gear as well, starting with a more powerful extractor fan and a cleaning pot. I foresee a mask upgrade on the horizon, so I'm open to recommendations on that.

Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. Hey man! can I make a request (or also ask a question); Have you ever used those electric nail polisher for nub mark removal or simply general sanding and buffing (polishing) of kits? if you haven't do you plan on testing it? I found that the hardest part of painting a custom kit was sanding it O__O

    1. I wouldn't recommend it as it gives less control, so over-sanding might occur if you're not too careful, but you can also the MR polishing pro from GSI Creos - , might be what you're looking for.