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Mecha Musume - Ezia Tori

Happy hearts month plamo weeabs! I'm sure many of you are taking a break from your WIPs and have been cutting back on plamo expenses in preparation for Valentines day. Despite being the brutish and barbaric men of macho manliness that we are, I know for a fact that we all cave for our special someone on the 14th - and anyone in a relationship who claims otherwise is a big fat liar.

But for the members of the lonely hearts club, don't drown your sorrows in paint thinner just yet, because this feature post just might cheer you up!

If I asked you to imagine a girl's room, the first thing that comes to mind is pink, right? A dresser littered with beauty products, bottles of nail polish, and an assortment of makeup equipment. Shelves would be stacked with either stuffed animals, a collection of barbie dolls, or Nicholas Sparks books, depending on her age.

Although our guest for today does have a penchant for pink things, take a closer look at her room and you will quickly realize that there's something unique about this girl. In place of nail polish, model grade paints adorn her desk. Instead of fuzzy bears and mushy novels, an army of mecha stands guard on her shelves. Ladies and gents, please welcome our featured Mecha Musume for today - the founder of Gunpla Girls herself - miss Ezia Tori!

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Q. What is your full name, nickname, or online name?
A. Ezia Tori

Q. How old are you, and how long have you been building kits?
A. 29; Building since April 2013

Q. Where are you from and where do you currently live?
A. Baliwag, Bulacan (Philippines)

Q. Where do you get your kits from?
A. Online seller. Zerofour Gundam to be specific

Q. What other hobbies do you have aside from Gunpla / Model building?
A. Dancing. Drawing. Working out. Traveling.

Q. What is your current occupation, or are you still in school?
A. I’m a Civil Servant and MBA Student

Q. Are you married? In a relationship?
A. Single haha

Q. What was the first kit you ever built?
A. HG Nobell Gundam Berserker Mode

Q. How did you get into building gundam / mecha kits?
A. The Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper custom caught my attention (coz... Pink!) at TRU. But I wasn’t able to buy it since buying shoes is my priority. Luckily, a friend who visited Japan gave me this Nobell Gundam Berserker Mode

Q. What kind of kits do you usually build? Is there any specific line you collect or just build anything you like?
A. No specific line. I build anything I like 

Q. How many kits have you built to date?
A. 25 (24 gunpla; 1 frame arms girl)

Q. What is your favorite kit? Why?
A. My HG Super Fumina Ver. Ezia (because it’s my first entry in GMKC and it is signed by Meijin Kawaguchi) 

Q. What is your favorite tool in your toolbox, and why?
A. My Rhypla Ultra 2.0. It’s the nipper I had. And it’s a gift from the gunplay community in Australia (hello Rhyan San Pedro of HobbyCo)

Q. What is your least favorite kit? Why?
A. Nothing in particular

Q. What is your dream kit?
A. PG Unicorn Gundam with LED

Q. Do you paint your kits? If so, what do you use?
A. Yes. I use BR-130 Double Action Airbrush with my CMP-20T Single Piston Compressor from Hobbiworkz. I use Tamiya Acrylic Paints and Paints from Daryl’s Sprays.

Q. Do you do custom builds or do you always build according to manual?
A. Both? I do custom paint builds and slowly learning basic mods.

Her kind of bouquet :)
Q. If you do custom work, where do you get inspiration for your custom projects?
A. From other custom builders and anime and game characters :P

Q. How do you stay motivated to finish large projects?
A. I always picture how will my project look like.

Q. Do you work on multiple projects simultaneously or do you focus on one project at a time?
A. One at a time coz I’m a busy person lol

Q. Are there any special techniques you use when building your kits?
A.  None so far haha

Q. Can you share any building tips?
A. It’s okay to think outside the box. Don’t be scared to experiment.

Q. What techniques do you use when painting your kits?
A. I love doing gradation 

Q. Can you share any painting tips?
A. Uhmm. Google it baby!

Q. Can you share any budget tips for the hobby?
A. Every hobby requires moolah. You just have to be smart enough to research, research, research on the good buys (tools and supplies wise.) 

Q. What kit/s are you currently working on?
A. Project Qubeley

Q. Why do you like Gunpla?
A. It’s my stress reliever

Q. What advice can you give to people who are just starting in the hobby?
A. Save money wisely. Quality over quantity.

Q. Can you share some inspiring words for females who might be apprehensive of getting into the mecha modeling hobby?
A. We (Gunpla Girls) exist :)

Q. Would you like to share an experience that might help the mecha modeling community in general?

Avoid toxic groups in the community they won’t do you any good. Enjoy the hobby. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing the things you like. If you don’t know something, Google is there to help you. Avoid being spoon fed (seriously) "

Q. Do you have a website or blog?
A. | |

Just by the photos she shares on social media and her efforts in maintaining the Gunpla Girls page and group, you can tell that Ezia genuinely enjoys the hobby. Unfortunately she is no stranger to creeps and perverts, and has to fend off a lowlife from time to time. Make no mistake, this girl is fierce, and has zero tolerance for immature idiots who think she's easy.

I'm sure the lonely ninjas among you are already crushing on her by now - understandable, but please bear in mind that the objective of Mecha Musume is to inspire more girls to join our plamo mangling ranks. Catcalling does the opposite, so if you must comment, be nice, keep it clean or GTFO.

I tip my V-fin to you Ezia! Thank you for taking the time to do the interview and for sharing photos of your fabulous work space and collection. You are living proof that one need not be even remotely boyish to get into this hobby.

Tune in again next time for another edition of Mecha Musume. Keep building plamo!

(photos used with permission from the modeler)

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