Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tallgeese Boros

Ohayou gozaimasu my lovely weeaboos! I'm sure everyone is in a festive holiday mood - it's that time of the year when the expanding of our waistlines is inversely proportional to that of our wallets - that 2-3 week window when we can bring home new kits and get a little less flak for it from our significant others, because they're "self-gifts".  

Me? I won't be growing my backlog (...much). I already have too much to be thankful for this year - a healthy family, a stable job, a new house...and the cherry on top of my triple-scoop sundae? the Boros is finally complete! After almost a year of working on this thing, and more than a few mishaps that almost made me want to rage-quit the project...it is finished. 

Ladies, gentlemen, everyone who identifies as some other obscure gender or thing (hey, Setsuna identifies as a gundam), I give you my best effort yet...
the Tallgeese Boros!

warning: pic heavy!

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The reds, whites, and oranges were done with Mr. Color lacquers. The internal frame was given a pre-shade layer of black lacquer, topped with Tamiya gunmetal acrylic and then drybrushed with enamel silver. Panel lines and paint chipping was done with Tamiya enamels. The reds were treated to some edge-highlighting using Vallejo light orange, focusing around the paint chips for added effect. Clear smoke was employed as a post shade, while Tamiya weathering compacts were used to do some detail weathering on verniers and exhausts.

A layer of flat clear lacquer was applied to preserve the paint and to blend the markings into the paintjob. The simple dio was built with nothing more than casings from old floppy drives, some scrap parts and plastic mesh, mounted on top of the standard octagonal base, painted and weathered to resemble wreckage of some sort. I think it helps bring the weathering on the model itself into context. The rod that props up the model is attached magnetically, which helps keep the model stable in this pose. I wanted it to appear agile in spite of the massive weapon. Magnets were also used to attach the weapon's support arm to the backpack, and the feet to the metal base.

I participated in GBP's anniversary build off with this model, and bagged the gold trophy in the Pro category! There truly is no better conclusion to a year's worth of work than knowing that your peers appreciate your art. It was an awesome event, and I could not thank the organizers and admins enough for putting it together!

Props to the members of GBP for shooting these excellent photos of the Boros! Wish I had a proper camera and the skills to take shots like this!

Here are the links to the WIP posts for this build in case you missed them:

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I'll be taking a quick breather from building until I move all my gear to my new workbench, but stay tuned for updates on the blog. I'm brewing up a promising new series that should kick off in the very near future.

Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. Awesome build!! Really awesome job!! I'm also a Tallgeese fan so I really like what you did here.. MS-wise If i was a MS pilot, It will be a nightmare to be hunted down by this beast.. :)

    1. Glad you like it! Yes, I imagine the overkill propulsion system should allow it to chase down and flank just about anything, and we all know a red MS is always 3x faster ;)