Thursday, August 7, 2014

Featured Seller - Hobbiworkz

Hello plamo fans, it's been a busy week, but we're not done yet! Today I'll be featuring another budget friendly store that will help you take your painting to the next level - Hobbiworkz!

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Since 2011, Hobbiworkz has been providing hobbyists with high quality airbrushing equipment. They offer a full range of airbrushes, compressors and accessories - pretty much all the gear you will need to get into airbrush painting - and at price points that are very hard to beat.

Hobbiworkz is based in Cebu (PH) so they do most of their transactions via shipping, but if you're in the city, they're open to walk in purchases and meetups as well.

Hobbiworkz puts their brand name on their products with confidence. Their customer service is top notch with quick responses to inquiries and requests.

Delivery is quick too, offering next day shipping options. I ordered their CMP-20T compressor and received it in Manila the following day. Now I'm a proud owner of a proper airbrush compressor! (review coming soon).

positive feedback form customers

 I believe there are a lot of really talented builders out there being held back by the notion that airbrushing is too expensive and skill intensive. While it may take some practice to get comfortable using an airbrush, you don't have to buy a top-of-the-line set from a popular brand right away. There are more affordable options out there, like Hobbiworkz products, that minimize the initial investment and give you the chance to learn and master the skills before upgrading to your dream setup.

When all is said and done and your kit is standing on the table looking fab in it's airbrushed paintjob, does anyone really care if you used Tamiya or Badger equipment? It's the results that matter, and if you can get good results without spending a fortune, I say go for it!

UPDATE 03/29/2016

It's been almost two years and my CMP-20T is still chugging along! That's a testament to how durable these compressors are when used properly.

Hobbiworkz has also been keeping busy, updating their product lineup with 2016 models of the CMP-20B and CMP-20T with the same power and reliability, now featuring built-in fans to help cool the motor during operation!

New U-shaped styro cutters are also available for those into building bases and terrain. They also offer hot knives and engravers for hardcore modifications.

Drop by their facebook page here: , to see their full catalog - and don't forget to give them a like so you can stay updated on promos and new arrivals. For inquiries and orders, you can  reach them at or through phone at 09256787885 or 09053937885

Hobbiworkz is also partnered up with JMN hobby, so if you want to see these great products in the flesh before buying, you can drop by any of their stores (subject to availability).  Be on the lookout for their products in competition prize pools, Hobbiworkz actively sponsors events like build-offs and modeling competitions!

Kick your modeling into high gear and upgrade to an airbrush setup today!

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