Monday, August 18, 2014

Hobbiworkz CMP20T Compressor - Review

Hello plamo fans! Let's beat the monday blues by kicking off this week with a review of the Hobbiworkz CMP20T airbrush compressor!

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While my aquarium pump rig is still operational, I figured it would be best to have a professional painting setup now that I've started hosting workshops and taken on commission projects. I purchased this compressor from Hobbiworkz for Php5000 plus shipping, and after two weeks of rigorous testing I can say that I definitely got my money's worth.

The CMP20T claims to have a 1/6 horsepower motor, with an airflow of 23L/min. It comes with a 3 litre tank that fills up from empty in about 1 minute. There is an auto start/stop function built in. The motor starts up when the tank pressure drops below 43psi, and then shuts off at a safe 58psi.

The setup includes an output pressure regulator, pressure gauge, and a water trap. There is also a valve in the bottom to release moisture that might accumulate in the tank itself. It weighs in at 5.6 kilos and is easy to move around thanks to the handle on top.

I was surprised to find that this compressor runs very quiet. It's definitely louder than the aquarium pump setup, but more quiet than the Tamiya sprayworks basic rig.  I can use it with my wife and son sleeping in the next room, making it great for late night painting sessions.

Here's a video I made to show the compressor in action:
(*note if the video appears too blurry try adjusting the quality settings in YouTube)

My only gripe is that the auto start kicks in a little sooner than I need it to. It would've been perfect if the auto start pressure could be adjusted - so if I'm doing a preshade at 10psi, I could have it kick in at around 20psi. I will still get stable pressure and the motor would run less frequently.

Overall this is a great piece of equipment, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade from a tankless setup. Make sure you drop by the Hobbiworkz facebook page and give them a Like to stay updated on their latest products and stocks.

Till next time, keep building plamo!


  1. This is basically a rebranded version of the AS-186, which comes in even a little cheaper!

    1. you're very welcome to share where this AS-186 can be purchased.