Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zuran Gaming Center - Reboot!

Greetings plamo nerds! I've got some exciting news, particularly for those of you living near Santa Rosa, Laguna (PH)! After some serious brainstorming and collaboration, plamo hobbyists within the area now have a place to hang out, share WIPs and ideas, and have easy access to kits and supplies. Welcome to the rebooted Zuran Gaming Center!

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A few years ago, back when I was still heavily invested into Magic:the Gathering, Zuran was my 2nd home. The hobby shop had to close all branches after a series of tragic events. I eventually quit Magic - and although my adventures at Zuran had ended, the friendships we built stayed on. Shop owner Aldous Potenciano remains a true BRO in every way Barney Stinson defines it.

When I caught wind that the shop was coming back and was looking for support, everything fell into place. I've been planning to host a gundam building workshop for quite some time now - and while I am in no way an authority at what I do, I know that getting into this hobby would have been a lot easier had there been someone there to show me the ropes. Zuran Gaming Center provides a perfect venue for such an event, and will soon be hosting many more events like group builds and competitions where there will be no brand restrictions. Builders are welcome to bring their WIPs and build at the shop, and I've almost convinced the owner to put in an airbrushing station that can be rented.

Currently the shop caters to Gundam and Magic: the Gathering enthusiasts, with support for even more hobbies already lined up such as collectibles, toys and comics. As of posting, Zuran is still undergoing some renovations and final touches, but the scheduled events are already underway.

Daily tournaments can be held for all popular MTG formats (EDH, Silver Black, Modern) and on Fridays, they hold the sanctioned FNM (Friday Night Magic).

The soft launch will be held this coming Sunday, August 10 in conjunction with the 1st Gundam building workshop (to be hosted by yours truly), while the grand opening is scheduled on August 30.

For inquiries, orders and reservations, you can reach the shop at  0918-6801111 or 0922-5999688.

 In closing, please indulge me for a moment as I channel my inner Optimus Prime, and you can imagine me saying this in his epic voice:

I am Otaku On A Budget, and I send this message to all plamo builders taking refuge among the stars.
We are here. We are waiting.


  1. oh i'm near there, but yet i only know central mall in olivares, how can i get there? this is forth by the way

    1. If coming from Binan, you can just take a jeep that is going to Balibago via Bayan. The entrance to the store is just small and they are yet to put up signage, but it is right next to a motorcycle shop.

    2. that was greatly appreciated. just keep us informed once they are open :) will be trying out that MTG as well hehehe