Friday, August 22, 2014

Meijin Modeler - Seth Tuna

Hello plamo fans, today I'll be sharing the first of many in a new series I'm calling "Meijin Modeler"!

In each episode, I'll be featuring the work of one I consider to be a master of the craft, and if possible, a quick interview with the builder himself.

Our featured Meijin Modeler for today is the awesome Seth Tuna!

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This build of the Sazabi was trending on several Gunpla blogs recently. After going through all the pictures, I just had to know more about the person behind it.

The monochromatic scheme is done to perfection, as are the masking lines and decal application. There is so much attention to detail, and the LED installations just push it over the top.

The only thing I hate about this kit is that it is not sitting in my display cabinet. There's a lot more where this Sazabi came from. Let's check out Seth's other builds as we pick his brain!

Q. What is your full name, nickname, or online name?
A. I'd love to be called "Seth" or "Seth Tuna".

Q. How old are you, and how long have you been building kits?
A. I'm 27 years old this year, and I've been building and painting kits for 1 year.

Q. Are you married? Do you have kids?
A. ...Single... T_T

Q. Where are you from and where do you currently live?
A. My home town is Ha Noi - Viet Nam , but i spend my whole life in Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam

Q. Where do you get your kits from?
A. For original kits I'd prefer buying from intown Mall or a friend Hobby Shop named "Moon Shop" - the owner is a close friend of mine

Q. What other hobbies do you have aside from Gunpla / Model building?
A. Gunpla the best!!! I dont have any other hobbies

Q. What was the first kit you ever built and how was the experience?
A. The first kit I got is MG 1/100 Ex-S , and that was something monsterous...excitement , I was like "Crap!this thing is not from earth"!!

Q. What kind of kits do you usually build? Is there any specific line you collect or just build anything you like?
A. Actually I dont think much about a certain line of kits . I play all around the corner with Zoids, Gundams, Armored Core.... whatever hit my eyes. But I DO love U.C Gundams , they're realistic and beautiful

Q. How many kits have you built to date?
A. ...Huhm... I can't count...too many...

Q. What is your favorite kit? Why?
A. the MG 1/100 Nu Gundam ver Ka . Why? Are you kidding !!!! This gundam is the idol of everyone,and to me? it's a monster

Q. What is your least favorite kit? Why?
A. ...Zaku, Cuz the Zaku....I dont know, cuz It's not for me i guess

Q. What is your favorite tool in your toolbox, and why?
A. Yes, the crafting knife is always a best friend , fixing everything , I love using it

Q. What do you use to paint your kits?
A. Gaia paints, Tamiya enamel paints, Mr.Color super metallic ones
...I dont even know what brand my airbrush is haha, cuz it's a cheap one i found in local market

Q. Where do you get inspiration for your custom projects?
A. Check all the works and combine ideas on my own , to make it like no others.

Q. How do you stay motivated to finish large projects?
A. I think of it as something like a child of mine

Q. Do you work on multiple projects simultaneously or do you focus on one project at a time?
A. Nah hell no, just one at a time hehe

Q. What techniques do you use when building your kits?
A. Huhm... just sanding before painting I think ?@@

Q. What techniques do you use when painting your kits?
A. bunch, everything of painting process, washing, spraying, masking , panel lining, chipping, weathering

Q. Can you share any painting tips?
A. Always give a VERY light spray on parts, but make lot of layers

Q. What advice can you give to people who are just starting in the hobby?
A. Believe in yourself, dont give up.Cuz even the pros still keep learning

Q. What advice can you give to people who have been in the hobby for a long time?
A. Be creative, be different

What is truly astounding is that Seth has only been building these things for about a year, and yet the level of his output surpasses many veteran builders. This modeler is truly gifted. He stays humble amidst all the praise he has received for his work, and is generous enough to share his talent with the rest of the plamo community by posting WIP pics and readily answering any questions thrown his way. More pics of Seth's work can be found on his Facebook page. Thank you for doing the interview Seth, I can't wait to see what you do next!

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next episode of Meijin Modeler!
(*All images used with permission from the builder)

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