Friday, January 3, 2014

MG Tallgeese WIP 1

This is WIP 1 of the MG Tallgeese.

I recently received this Daban kit as a Christmas present from my wife - and since I was in no rush to finish up the RG Freedom diorama I thought I'd kick off the new year with this build. I decided to submit it as an entry to GundamUK's ongoing Level Up competition. I really like the theme of this event, as it encourages the builder to up their skills and try something new.

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As an avid fan of fantasy games, movies, and tv shows, I've always wanted to incorporate a fantasy/medieval theme into one of my projects. The tallgeese is a good candidate for this because it already resembles knight armor. For this build, I thought I'd push that theme a bit further. As I'd just finished watching season 3 of Game of Thrones my head is already full of inspiration going into this project. After going around the local mall, I was able to find a furry thing that might satisfy my needs...and ended up with this:

a furry tail keychain of course...what were you thinking?

This wouldn't be the first time I'd be using unconventional stuff to modify my gunpla (see Kampfer Desolator with gel-filled light-up glass fuses)

After cutting the fur thing up a bit...

Tallgeese...of house Stark?

The gundam purists reading this right now are rolling their eyes so hard they can see their own brains...Gundam universe context aside, I think the fur shoulders suit the kit quite well. If exia repair and crossbone can have giant cloaks that magically billow in the non-existent outer space wind - then my tallgeese can rock an effing pelt! Remember the giant space whale fossil in Seed? Well, this pelt is from a giant alien space wolf! gyahahahaha!  Anyway, I expect it will be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of mod, but I am building for myself and I think it looks good, so I'm going with it.

The left shoulder and collar have been done up with scale-armor looking plates, and the head  is being modded to look more like a helmet...

Madness?...This is SPARTA!

I'll be doing more of the scale plating wherever I think it might improve the design and reinforce the whole mechanical knight theme.

I still have quite a way to go with the mods, but the most difficult part I think will be trying to get the paint to look ok with the fur. I may have to do some type of weathering to bring it all together..but that is exactly what the Level Up competition is all about!

Stay tuned!


  1. Friggin' awesome WIP! Can't wait to see the results on this one. I must say, the fur thing looks well on the tallgeese.

    Keeping an eye on this WIP pare ;)

  2. Thanks pare! I just hope I can complete it in time for the competition deadline, but if not then at least I can add another custom build to my shelf :)

  3. Look so epic. Just wanna ask what kind of material did you used for the shoulder?

    1. Thanks mate! It's
      styrene sheet aka plastic plates.

    2. Thanks mate! It's
      styrene sheet aka plastic plates.