Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MG Tallgeese WIP 2

This is WIP 2 of the MG Tallgeese. WIP 1 can be found here:

This build is going pretty smoothly and I think I might make it to the competition deadline if I get all modifications done within the week. Here is my progress as of yesterday.I decided to plate up the whole shoulder...

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Now you might be wondering how I can do this kind of plating in such a short amount of time...its actually thanks to these nifty scissors that I borrowed from my wife's arts and crafts drawer.I just make a bunch of these...

...and then chop them up and glue them together..

Did a bit of the same plating on the feet just to balance it out...

I finished scribing the lower legs, knees, thighs, side skirts and arms..

And I also did a bit of detail plating here and there...

I wanted to see how he'd look with the cape. I think it works, but it won't be easy finding the right material...

I've got exactly two weeks left to finish this in time for the Level Up competition. I hope I can make it in time!


  1. This is awesome, I like where this is going. Are those things made of pla-plates, or some other materials? I thought pla-plates are supposed to be thicker so I imagine it has to be something thin if you could cut and bend them like that using those scissors.

    BTW the design reminds me of Accretian melee class warriors from RF online (not sure if you've heard of it).


    *best pic I could find as the game went down a few years back, sadly.

    Keep up the good work pare. Really looking forward to see this finished ;D

  2. Thanks guys! @Rein yes the "scales" are made of pla-plate..there's a variety of thicknesses available, not sure of what the measurements are on these. I also used some thick plates like on the side skirts and on the back of the thighs..and yes I played a bit of RF a while back :)