Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tallgeese Templar v1.0

After only 4 weeks...I present to you all, the Tallgeese Templar 1.0!

You read it right folks...this build took a mere 4 weeks from snapfit to photoshoot! A personal record for me, because I usually take a couple of months to finish a model.

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For those who missed them, here are the WIP posts:



Though I blasted through this project at breakneck speed, I did my best not to compromise quality in any step of the build. Nubs and sink marks were dealt with appropriately, and thankfully there were hardly any seams that needed welding. Submitting it as an entry to GundamUK's Level Up competition also provided the necessary motivation.

Proper project planning also came in handy, as it helped me keep from doing too many modifications that might make painting and finishing too complicated. That said, I made sure there were enough details to keep the viewer's eyes busy and not loose interest.

Two weeks into the project and I still didn't have a clear color scheme in mind, but I finally decided on a white and gold scheme to match the color of the fur. I used mr. hobby paints as usual: gloss white with a few drops of tan over a preshade of dark grey, and gold plus some orange for the trim and helmet.

I got lucky this time and nailed the thinning on the white while mixing a big batch- not too thick, not too runny, and semi-transparent. It took more coats to finish a part but it preserved the shadowing I prepared. Other paints used were flat red, a mix of black and gold for the internal frame, and a mix of dark blue.

The masking was no joke either, but worth every hour of it. I'm particularly proud of the detail I added to the legs. They came out just the way I wanted.

I knew from the beginning that the fur and cape would be iffy to some people, but it really helped me stay on track with the theme of the build and the competition.

At the very least, I think it makes this guy unique. For those who think its too much though, here are some shots of the Templar without it...

All in all this was a really fun project that yielded better results than I could hope for. A finished kit and a competition entry in January is a great way to start the year! Oh and if you're wondering why I'm calling it Templar 1.0, thats because I still want to get my hands on a lance and axe kit, and maybe upgrade the cloak to something more..err..fabulous? That means you can look forward to a 2.0 release in the near future. Until then, i'm taking a few days off to recharge my batteries.

As always, I leave you with the cost analysis for this build. Goodluck to all the Level Up participants, and may the gunpla gods smile upon you!


  1. Friiiiickkkiinnn' awesome! I'm all out of words to describe how cool this thing is! Color scheme matches the spartan theme from the 300 lol.

    Although I could've sworn I've seen small decals in your WIP 1 which sort of looks like "tribal" lining (don't know what to call them -- something like the one's seen in sinanju) and I think it would look much even better with them. Not saying this isn't cool in and by itself, but I guess I'm just not used seeing to custom builds without decals or any sort of special details.

    Congrats pare. I'm positive this will have a very good chance of winning, if not, then a recognition at least. Looking forward to see more of your work ;D

  2. Thanks Rein! The "tribal lining" was actually only penciled on just to test how it might look. I'm not that confident in doing freehand detail painting yet, so I might get custom decals printed out for this guy, well see... There will definitely be a 2.0 release of him which could include more details. Check back again soon!

  3. winter is coming! haha. valar morghulis.