Thursday, November 21, 2013

RG Freedom WIP 5

This is WIP 5 for the RG Freedom. Here are the links to the first 4, in case you missed them:


I had to go on a business trip for the entire month of October, so there was no way I could really make it to this year's GBWC. Here's how far I got before the trip:

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The paint came out ok I guess, despite rushing into it. Not my best paint job though, I guess it takes more practice and better gear to achieve some good shading in this scale. The masking lines could also be a bit sharper..

I tried to do a simple base but was never able to paint it. I might change this up if I get some other ideas. A couple of weeks after I got back from the trip, I was able to work on the decals...

Once I'm satisfied with the decals, I'll do a flat coat and install the metal bits. After that this project might take the back seat for a while. I have lots of time until the next GBWC to finish up the diorama for this. Also, there are some ongoing group builds I'm thinking of participating in, so i'll be checking those out to see if I can still meet their deadline.

Update, decals done on the main kit!

Stand by for some pics of the finished kit, minus the diorama. Cheers!

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  1. did you substitute brown for the white?