Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RG Freedom WIP 4

This is WIP 4 for the RG Freedom. Here are the links to the first 3, in case you missed them:


I decided to add the shoulder parts, and have added more plates here and there.

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I also made room for an LED bulb inside the head. The wires will run down into the torso and out under the back skirt where the battery can be concealed.

I'll have this guy do a kneeling pose instead of a traditional flying and shooting pose. A simple base to represent wreckage of some sort will be built for it.

Since I only have a little over a week left to work on this, I went ahead and started painting it despite the bad weather. I've got my fingers crossed hoping I still get a good paint finish.

This arrived in the mail...

Thanks to Hummingbird of MechaLounge and the rest of the sponsors for supporting the recently concluded Group Build!

Check back again soon to see the conclusion for this build!

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