Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RG Freedom WIP 2

WIP 1 is here: WIP 1

Made some progress over the long weekend. The feet are getting close to how I want them to look. I made some flat screw heads, and added a tiny peg to the foot hydraulics so they can be removed for painting later on.

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I added a small strip of pla-plate inside the toe armor so it can connect to the foot and swivel to the angle I need. The gap is then detailed up with IC pins to represent suspension/hydraulics.

The hollow underside of the heels have been covered with pla-plate and putty. Once cured, these will be sanded clean and then detailed up with scribing and/or thin pla-plates.

The lower leg armor has been trimmed to show internal frame. I'm thinking of adding some hydraulics here to hold the back part at a slight angle.


  My brother-in-law let me dig through his spare parts bin, and I ended up with this:

 Its the foot attachment from the Exia Avalanche kit. I trimmed the default rear skirt armor so the assembly could fit over it. The new rear skirt has most of the articulation of the original, with the added booster gimmick.

Jay-z and Kanye would agree, a chunkier rear end goes quite well with high heels.

I also picked up a few interesting shapes like these, which look nice as extra shoulder armor. I can attach them to the swiveling part right above the shoulder joint so they can move like flaps.

Not 100% sure they go well with the rest of the mods though...maybe after I edit the lackluster shoulder armor I can figure it out. Still a lot of mods planned for this guy..I'm hoping I can find the time to get this done by October. Stay tuned!

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