Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gundam 0000 Bags 5th in MechaLounge GB!

The Mecha Lounge CHAOS group build has concluded...and my MG 0000 Seven Swords bags 5th place in the modified category!

Click on the Read More link for details...
Here are the results of the group build:
Mecha Lounge CHAOS GB Results

And here's a YouTube video by GundamUK announcing the winners and showcasing the entries.
Gundam UK YouTube Video

I'd say I did quite well in this event, given the fact that I used a Daban kit (which Mecha Lounge allows FYI, no strict rules that hamper the monetarily impaired from sharing their scale modeling talents). I do wish I went with a darker pre-shade on the purple parts, and some of the soldering is visible under the backpack due to the centralized wiring of the LEDs.

Not sure what I've won yet...the winners get to pick from a list of kits in the order they placed. That means I'm picking last, so I wouldn't get my hopes up for that Sinanju Stein or Nu ver.ka. Still, the recognition is enough for me and winning something is just icing on the cake.

Links to the MG Seven Swords posts in case you missed them:

Big ups to all the judges, admins, sponsors, and the participants over at Mecha Lounge for putting together a successful group build. I'm looking forward to the next one, and you can bet your rear skirt armor I'm going to BRING IT!


  1. Many Congrats Brother. I'm sending the kit to you either on friday or saturday. Enjoy a different taste of modelling :).

    1. Thanks! The GB was a blast and I'm ready for the next one! I'll be snooping around your blog for armor building tips and tricks :)