Monday, July 1, 2013

Gundam 0000, commencing armed intervention!


Warning: Pic Heavy!

This project was actually completed way back in April, but I never got to take pictures of the finished product until yesterday. I built a fairly simple catapult themed base out of a plastic chopping board, some parts from an HG guntank, floppy drive components, plastic beams and sheets.

More info and pics after the jump:

I did away with the LED units that came in the box because they required too much messing with the kit to turn on and could risk damaging the paint. I did my own LED work instead, wiring everything together and powering it with a single battery hidden beneath the launching platform. The GN drives are a lot brighter because they have 3 LEDs each, while I only used one in the head and one the weapon.

Cost analysis:

I'm very satisfied with how this turned out. I gained a lot of experience in shading and got to use custom decal designs for the first time. I admit I could've done a better job at wiring, as some exposed solder can be noticed upon close inspection.

This piece was submitted as an entry to the Chaos Group Build over at the Mecha Lounge. Check out the great entries here: Mecha Lounge Chaos Group Build 2013

Head over to the shelf section for more pics of this project!

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