Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Sword WIP 2

Just a quick update: decals and flat coat are done, all that's left now is to install LEDs, and possibly a base. Less talk more pics!

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I learned a lot in doing these custom decals. I think it's great how you can unlock a whole other level of personalization by designing your own.

Thanks again to Choco Decal for printing my decal designs. I'll be ordering from them again for my future projects!

Visit the shelf section for more pics of the kit in it's current state.


  1. hi sir! my name is ayeth and im also a gunpla enthusiast and i have a couple of questions about your collections.. is there a proper avenue where i can give to you my personal contact number so that we can have a chat?

    1. sure thing! just look me up on facebook: