Friday, June 14, 2013

Extreme Gundam Makeover - Masters Edition

I don't believe I've been into gunpla modelling long enough to know who the "greats" of this hobby really are, but allow me to share those I have discovered over the past year. Thanks to the internet, I've been able to follow a lot of awe inspiring builders - and I'd be lying if I said I didn't pick up a few things from their generous sharing of pictures online - both of finished projects and works in progress alike. So although they do not know who I am, I'd like to thank them for helping me out, for showing me the way of the gunpla ninja, and for inspiring me to go that extra mile with each build I undertake.
I can think if no better way to show my appreciation than by honouring their works here on my blog. I'm sure many of my visitors have seen these works elsewhere, but for those who haven't, I've included links to the web sources so you can do your own research.

Let me start with my favourite build to date: Shunneige's MG Nu Ver Ka.

The attention to detail on this piece is nothing short of astonishing. As opposed to the commonplace adding of plates and scribing of lines here and there, Shunneige (not sure if this is his real name) raises the bar to a level very few can achieve by actually changing the overall look and stance of the model. Thanks to google translate (his blog is in Japanese), I was able to somewhat understand the reasons behind each modification, especially the changes in proportion and shifts in center of mass. This build has served as the main reference for my ongoing EXS project, despite it being a different kit altogether. Make sure to check out his Strike and Sinanju too, as both are equally as awesome as this one.
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Next up is Toymaker's Odin....

Kenny Lim (a.k.a Toymaker) used the internal frame of a PG Strike and superimposed the armor of an MG "The O".  And as if that isn't an amazing feat in itself, he goes ahead and does intricate detailing, builds it custom guns, and gives it a multi shade color scheme. A very nice base was also built for the kit, which is equally beautiful and worthy of the model. This is another example of the classy kind of customization that appeals to my taste. I, for one, thought this would win last years GBWC. You can see the rest of the pics on his blog, and don't forget to check out his Trinity project while you're there. It won't take long for you to realize that his nickname should be AwesomeMaker.

Here we have Ver. Ed's Project Gwen....

Just look at the size of that thing (there's a Rezel in there somewhere). There was no shortage of large custom jobs in last year's GBWC, but when it comes to details this particular project takes the cake (and the entire competition for that matter!) . Though I am not a big fan of mecha-riding-mecha, I cannot ignore the fact that this thing is simply beautiful to look at. I've been following his blog since I started doing gunpla and I'm a sucker for his piston/hydraulics detailing, proportion mods and tasteful use of metallics...oh and he does this mostly to 1/144 scale kits, so you can imagine the difficulty of achieving this level of detail. His blog shows an average of one build like this per year, but I follow him nonetheless because it is worth the wait.

Next is Gavin's Project Hades....

Gavin (a.k.a. Ver Gav) won last year's mecha lounge competition with this work of art. The killer color scheme, classy detailing, and masterful weathering make this my favorite Sazabi build, leaving all others behind by a mile. If I ever do a weathered build, this will be the first link I pull up for inspiration. Pay his blog a visit to see how he achieved such a great finish, you won't regret taking the time.

Finally (for this post at least), here is a custom FAZZ by bestgui87...

Google translate is having a hard time on this modellers (blog), so I had to make do with looking at his pictures...but DAMN. I believe the example above explains well enough why this made the list. You can see the rest on his blog. The large blank surfaces of the stock FAZZ are a custom builder's playground, making it easy to go overboard - but in my opinion the modeller does just the right amount. The 3 tone color scheme brings out the panel and part separation nicely, while the proportional adjustments make the model look less stumpy and a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I'm glad I got to see this example before I started on my own FAZZ kit, which is still patiently waiting for its turn on the cutting mat.

These modellers go above and beyond the call of gunpla duty. With pure talent and unfathomable amounts of patience, they are able to take simple plastic models and turn them into unique works of mechanical art. Like aesthetic doctors able to sculpt and shape a human face or body to perfection, these modellers give the term "plastic surgeon" an entirely new meaning.


  1. Awesome post dude, thanks so much for the mention!

    1. Thanks! I'm just glad you guys are around and are always sharing your builds online :)