Thursday, June 1, 2017

Featured Seller - Pub Hub

Hey plamo nerds! Let's kick off June with another featured shop, this time hailing from Bacolod - city of smiles and delicious roast chicken! PUBHUB Hobbies and Collectibles is one of the best stocked hobby shops in the country, carrying highly sought after kits, tools and supplies. Don't let the simple store front fool you, this place is an absolute gold mine! Jump in to see what they have to offer!

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Located at RM 1-1, JDI Building, Galo St., Bacolod City, PUBHUB Hobbies and Collectibles is literally plamo nerd heaven. Seriously, if you've been a good modeler all your life, when you die your soul would probably end up in this store. Behind the unassuming facade, you'll find floor to ceiling shelves stacked with kits and collectibles to satisfy just about every fandom you can think of.

PUBHUB just opened their doors in December 2016, but quickly built up a following both online and in their shop thanks to great customer service and glowing reviews from the hobby community. Whether you're into model cars, armor, aircraft, gunpla or figures, PUBHUB has got you coveted, carrying top brands such as Takom, Meng, Tamiya, Aoishima, Bandai, DM and Daban among others. They've got a stock list that would put mall based toy chains to shame, and prices that are very hard to beat.

But what really sets this store apart from everyone else is their tools and supply selection. PUBHUB carries premium brands that will push your plamo game from good to great. Ammo By Mig Jimenez, Tamiya, Gaia, Alclad, Zurc, Mr Hobby, Wave, Winsor & Newton Kolinsky brushes, Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes - the list goes on and on. They're also the only store I know of that has the coveted NWSL Chopper 2 in stock. Just feast your eyes on these supply racks and try not to drool!

You'll be hard pressed to find another store as well stocked as PUBHUB, and the patrons that live in the area are really lucky to have such a great shop to frequent. I could honestly spend an entire day just admiring all the merchandise. Time to ask the waifu if she'd be interested in moving to Bacolod!

Luckily PUBHUB makes everything they have in the shop available online! Simply visit their facebook page and leave a message describing what you'd like to order, and they ship everything, even paints, nationwide! And if perchance someone beats you to that handsome Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR+  (*snicker*)  Don't worry, because PUBHUB takes pre orders as well! Click on the banner below to start shopping now!

Shops like PUBHUB are a godsend for bringing world class supplies to PH based modelers, and having access to these products makes it a great time to get into the plamo hobby! I'd like to thank Kim for letting me feature his top rank hobby shop, and for the excellent service in sending my order. I hope I get a chance to visit PUBHUB someday soon!

Until next time, keep building plamo!

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