Friday, June 23, 2017

Border Model Masking Template - Review

What's up plamo nerds! Here's another tool review to round off the week: a nice and shiny masking template! For the uninitiated, a masking template allows for easy cutting of masking tape into  patterns typically used in plamo painting. Digital and Hex camouflage patterns are popular among armor and mecha modelers, and a template such as this one from Border Model simplifies the process a great deal.

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Measuring 15x15 cm, this metal plate has been laser etched on both sides to create depressions on the surface that are meant to guide your knife as you cut out the patterns you need. It has a wide variety of patterns and concentric shapes applicable for mecha and military modeling alike.

The patterns are sharply and cleanly etched and are just the right depth and width for tracing with a knife. The metal plate itself is pretty hefty and stiff, so you don't need to worry about it sliding or bending while you work.

To use, simply lay down some masking tape on a pattern, trace out the lines with a sharp knife, and lift up the cutout with tweezers. You can use the cutout to mask over a base color, or the negative of the cutout, depending on how you layer your paint. I'll remember to make a tutorial on this when I get around to painting a hex pattern on one of my WIPs.

Some of the patterns have measurements and scale printed next to them so you have a better idea of what to use on your model. The number patterns are great for painting unit numbers on your kits instead of using decals, which are usually limited in color options.

Masking templates are hard to come by in the philippine hobby market, so I'm also taking preorders for these via the facebook page. Hit me up if you're interested at!

Check back again soon for more tool reviews and random plamo related rants. Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. Where did you get this?

    I need this in my life...

    1. - Philippine orders only