Monday, May 15, 2017

Talyer Talk #3 - Char's Airbrush Case

The local plamo community needs reading material. A magazine the likes of Hobby Japan or Dengeki Hobby, but in English would be really nice...something to flip through while waiting for your lady in the salon or when sitting on the porcelain throne. I'm glad some of the top notch modelers have started authoring and printing their own guide books, but there's a void to fill when it comes to plamo related editorial and light reading, which is one of the reasons I maintain this blog. After a barrage of tool reviews, I think a Talyer Talk feature is well overdue. Luckily I stumbled upon a very nice side project by accomplished modeler Polo Bormate on my facebook feed, and he was kind enough to share this custom made airbrush case!

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This is Polo's custom made airbrush case, done up in Char's signature colors and livery. Classy as F*** is an understatement.

It was made to house a Tamiya HG3 airbrush - a handsome tool in it's own right, and one that deserves an equally handsome storage unit. Compared to the boring cardboard box the airbrush came in, this Zeon inspired case overflows with sophistication and is worthy of a newtype's hobby desk.

The bespoke box was skillfully crafted with plaplate, treated to some scribing for that mecha feel, painted and polished to a deep shine. Metal hinges were installed so it could open and close like a clam shell, and a gothic looking latch keeps it closed and goes well with the Zeon aesthetic. A Zeon emblem from an HD builder parts pack sits front and center, proudly announcing where this modeler's allegiance lies.

When I asked what his inspiration was for this project, Polo said he wanted to make a jewelry box style airbrush case that would have been owned and custom made for Char Aznable himself. The design and color scheme is definitely 3X sexier than any airbrush case I've ever seen!

This awesome project shows that a modeler's passion for the hobby can extend beyond the kits we build, and how workspace and tool improvement can be just as fun and rewarding!

Props to Polo for sharing this awesome project, I think I might actually try to make one myself at some point! Until next time, keep building plamo!

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