Friday, May 26, 2017

Madworks Sanding Sponges - Review

Good day plamo nerds! I've been furiously working on the 1/100 Kimaris Trooper for the past couple of days,  hoping I could submit it as an entry to the upcoming GMKC event. To be honest, I couldn't have picked a worse kit - seam lines everywhere, mold lines everywhere else, topped off by some parts being "overgated" for no logical explanation other than Bandai likes to troll us builders from time to time.

I picked up a pack of these excellent sanding sponges by Madworks from Zee Hobby Shop to help deal with these issues. Hop in if you want to see how these things are used and what advantage they have over plain old sandpaper. I didn't bother with a video as I highly doubt any of you would enjoy watching me vigorously rubbing a long purpleish shaft with a hobby abrasive...

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The pack contains 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 grit sponges, pretty much all you need to prep your model for primer. You get four of each grit, which should be enough for a couple or more builds if you use them in conjunction with hobby files.

They've got the grit on one side and brightly colored and labeled on the other so you can easily identify which is which, even when they're covered in sanding dust.


I can't find any information on whether these can be used for wet-sanding, but I tried it anyway, and from my testing they appear to be pretty resilient to water. What's great about these sponges is that they conform to the shape of the surface you're sanding, so you don't end up flattening something that is supposed to have a curve to it like the front of Kimaris' lance, which would happen if you were using a sanding stick or block.

You can also bend and fold it to sand hard to reach places where applying pressure can be difficult without affecting the surrounding area.

I only consumed one of each grit in cleaning and preparing the Kimaris Trooper for paint, which means the grit on these sponges last longer than your average sandpaper, making them very practical tools indeed!

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Until next time, keep building plamo!

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