Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Super Nova MG Altron - Unboxing

The postal service in this country is dismal. It only takes about a week for an item to arrive from China, but then it takes 2-3 weeks for your stuff to clear customs and another 2-3 weeks to reach your local post office. Anyhow, after a long wait, I finally received my Super Nova Altron! Jump in if you'd like to see a quick unboxing of this unique kit from a brand new brand!

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Super Nova is another new player in the plamo scene, and it appears they wanted to shake things up a bit more - boldly debuting with a long sought after design from the Wing series, the Altron. Of course it doesn't say Altron anywhere on the box, but we all know what this is.

There's a bunch of poorly translated text on the packaging, with some bizarre allusion that this design is from a series with a title fit for a Korean telenovela. Super Nova needs to take some packaging design notes from DM thats for sure...but who cares about the box, let's see what's inside!

The details look crisp and things that are meant to be pointy like the v-fin and various spiky bits throughout the kit come sharply molded out of the box. Some edges and panel lines look a little softer and could use some rescribing, but I did not notice much flash or mold lines on any of the runners.

The plastic is not quite as good as the DevilArts Providence, but somewhat similar to DM plastic. The colors are nice though a little less vibrant than I expected. The internal frame is gunmetal in color, and is reminiscent of the GoGo Hi Nu and Kampfer.

It looks like there will be some nice color separation out of the box with the two-tone green and the gold trim, but paint will definitely improve the finish on this kit and bring out all the nice details. The model comes with fixed-pose hands with the fingertips sharpened to resemble claws. A pair of clear plastic stands are included in the box to help prop up the dragon arms when posing.

The box I received contained DL Model waterslide decals along with some metallic stickers. I'm not sure if the waterslides are standard in this kit as they are branded as DL model. You might want to verify this with your supplier. I got my kit from gundam central ( click on the banner below to order yours!

It will take me a few days to snap this thing together, so drop by again soon if you want to see the full review. Here's a video of the unboxing for now...

Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. You're in the Philippines right? Just wondering, is there an advantage in getting kits from Gundam Model Center rather than from local sellers?

    1. not really, but they're a partner site so I get most 3rd party kits from them rather than other stores.