Monday, March 2, 2015

Respect My Authoritah!

"Please respect my post" - a phrase we've all seen at least once, in one form or another, often found in buy and sell pages, or online hobby communities. It also appears on posts intended to voice out one's opinion. It is the digital equivalent of a no-trespassing sign that reads "Bashers/Haters, KEEP OUT!", and is just as ineffective. The thing is, the more you demand respect, the less likely you'll genuinely receive it. If you want your post to be respected, write a post that deserves respect.

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1. If you're posting to sell something:
    • Find out the market price of your item and try to keep your asking price close to that number.
    • Show actual pics of the item, even if it's brand new or MIB (mint in box). This proves you actually have something to sell. 
    • Don't hijack someone else's thread. If you're selling the same thing, start your own thread.  
    • Be 100% honest with your item's condition and authenticity (or inauthenticity)

2. If you're posting to buy something:
    • Make sure you have the cash on hand before asking for dibs.
    • If you get dibs on something, follow through with the deal. Otherwise,your online rep is going down the toilet.
    • If you know someone selling the same thing for less, just buy from them. 
    • Resist the urge to call someone out on their high prices. PM if you must, but be prepared to be called a douche. If you're doing so because you don't want others to get 'scammed' (you heroic person you) , PM the potential buyers, not the seller. Then again, if they snitch on you, you still end up looking like the bad guy so best avoid it altogether. 
    • Everyone can do their own research on fair prices. 
    • Don't haggle on the thread. Your maxed-out Speechcraft talents should be utilized via private message.

3. If you're posting to ask something:
    • Do your research. An educated question gets educated answers, and vice-versa.
    • Do not ask overly subjective questions like "what should I buy". The better question is something like "What should I buy if I'm into heavily-armed designs?". 
    • Do not flame bait or troll. Duh.
    • Be open minded with the responses you get. No one owes you an answer, so be gracious if you get one.
    • Don't add an image to your post for attention as it is misleading and a complete waste of data for everyone. Your question will get the proper attention if the points above have been observed. (Added 12/9/15)

4. If you're posting to share something:
    • Get your facts straight. 
    • Do not post your opinion as fact. 
    • Do not claim something as your own if it isn't.
    • Give proper credit to your sources.

5. If you're posting on a group page:
    • Know the group rules and abide by them.
    • Post in English if you're in an international group (unless stated otherwise in the group rules)
    • Keep off-topic posts to a minimum.

I could go on an on but this is starting to look like social media etiquette 101 so I'll stop there. In summary, just don't be a douche. If the camera adds 10 pounds, Facebook adds 10 points to everyone's douchiness level by default, but try to keep it in check. Be courteous, be humble, be gracious, keep it real, mind your own business, and accept the fact that 99.9% of the time, the internet and everyone on it does not give a flying four-letter word about your opinion. You'll be alright.

PS. This post is just a random rambling and not intended for anyone in particular - but if it inadvertently induces acute pain in your gluteous maximus region (a.k.a. Butthurt), just keep building plamo. If symptoms persist consult your ass doctor.

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