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Meijin Modeler - Ogami

Plastic modeling as a hobby is a lot like music. There's a long list of different genres to get into: mecha, tanks, aircraft, cars, figures, and so on. A hobbyist can be into more than one of these at the same time, just as one can enjoy listening to rock, jazz and hip hop, and maybe the occasional Taylor Swift record. 

Diverse as these genres may be, the same basic tools are used to produce them - drums, guitars and keyboards for music : sandpaper, cement, and paint for plamo. The great thing about this is that a hobbyist can bring his mastery of skills from one genre to the next. Today I'll be sharing an interview with a modeler who does just that, and does it well. While modding isn't his thing, his top-notch prep and paint work is enough to net him the title of Meijin Modeler. Without further ado, I give you Ogami.

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Q. What is your full name, nickname, or online name?
A. Cyrille Coigné / ogami or ogamitaicho depends on the forum or website.

Q. How old are you, and how long have you been building kits? 
A. I’m 37 years old. I started the hobby in 1999.

Q. Are you married? Do you have kids?
A. Yes, married with 2 boys.

Q. Where are you from and where do you currently live?
A. I’m from France and live in France.

Q. Where do you get your kits from?
A. Many sources, HLJ, YJA, eBay, etc

Q. What other hobbies do you have aside from Gunpla / Model building?
A. I’m practicing Shotokan Karate (1st Dan) and play video games (on many systems/consoles or PC since 1991).

Q. What is your current occupation?
A. I’m a graphic designer.

Q. What was the first kit you ever built?
A. My very first mecha kit was an EVA-01 from Bandai

Q. What kind of kits do you usually build? Is there any specific line you collect or just build anything you like?
A. I mainly paint resin garage kits, most of them are figures but I also love working on mecha as well.

Q. How did you get into building gundam / mecha kits?
A. I have seen plastic kits at some stores in the nineties and I was interested to try one (anime or video games related).

Q. How many kits have you built to date?
A. I would say approximately 70 to 80 kits. Most of them are figure resin kits.

Q. What is your favorite kit? Why?
A. The favorite kit I painted in my collection is maybe the latest one I did : my LED Mirage bust. :D

Q. What is your least favorite kit? Why?
A. Maybe some of my early works. I didn't take pictures… ;p

Q. What is your dream kit?
A. I would love to paint the G-System 1/35 MSA-0011{Ext} "Ex-S" Full MS Mode [ Version 2.0 ]
This kit is so huge and amazingly detailed but too expensive for me, I really can’t afford it... It should take ages to be able to complete it and a big place is needed to display it! G-system EXS

Q. What is your favorite tool in your toolbox, and why?
A. I love brushing with my Tamiya Pro Modeling Brush #000. Excellent for details to add the final touches to a part or painting eyes on a figure.

Q. What do you use to paint your kits?
A. I mainly airbrush them with Pébéo Acrylic paint. (A French brand). I have several Paasche airbrushes, the one I do prefer is the Talon. I also hand brush the details. I rarely use spray cans, except for special colors.

Q. Where do you get inspiration for your custom projects?
A. I’m not so much into customizing my kits, most of the time I try to add details or improve them when it’s possible. I browse the internet and also on forums. There are so many places with very talented people. It can also be very helpful to keep some junk plastic material that we can collect and recycle (from packaging, toys etc…). It can be very precious for modeling or customizing kits.

 Q. How do you stay motivated to finish large projects?
A. With large projects, you have to be organized and all will be fine!

Q. Do you work on multiple projects simultaneously or do you focus on one project at a time?
A. It really depends but it’s not rare that I have several kits painted in the same time. It can save time and paint sometimes!

Q. What techniques do you use when building your kits?
A. For resin kits, I use classic metal pins. For putty, Tamiya Basic type and Aves Apoxy sculpt are a nice combo.

Q. Can you share any building tips?
A. For resin kits, always try to assemble/putty the same color parts before painting.

Q. What techniques do you use when painting your kits?
A. I simply airbrush with acrylics and very rarely lacquers. I would like to try weathering effects but I got a lot to learn about that!

Q. Can you share any painting tips?
A. I love masking with Tamiya tape but also “Patafix”, some kind of blu-tack material that is perfect to mask some curved parts. I have used this technique in some of my WIPS.

Q. What kit/s are you currently working on?
A. I have several kits started (Some FSS and figures)
Maybe I will continue on a 1/6 Gray Fox from MGS or a 1/6 Raiden from MGR. I’m also pinning a 1/60 Knight of gold AT (Patraqushie Mirage).

Q. What advice can you give to people who are just starting in the hobby?
A. To be very curious by browsing the internet to see many kits and WIPS, that can be very helpful to have good technique and tools from the start. It can save a lot of time! Experience and patience are the keys like for many things. Of course, always trying to do the best you can do!

Q. What advice can you give to people who have been in the hobby for a long time?
A. I would more like to thank them for sharing their works/WIPS than giving them advice… I learned a lot from them (DC23, Matt Mrozek, Pygmalion on FG Site, Artzone and so many many more…) The only advice I could give is continuing to share their work!

Q. Do you have a website or blog?
A. http://ogamitaicho.deviantart.com/gallery/

Big thanks to Ogami for taking the time to do the interview! Don't forget to drop by his deviantart page for more pics of his amazing work.

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next episode of Meijin Modeler!
(*All images and links used with permission from the artist)

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