Monday, October 27, 2014

Commission Finished - MG Kampfer

Good day plamo otakus! I was able to get some work done on my commission projects over the weekend - surface prep on an SD Zeong, a bit of snap building on an MG Zaku Cannon, and best of all, I completed the MG Kampfer!

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This kit needed major pre-paint work in the way of seam fixing on some armor parts and on all the guns. Priming revealed a lot of uneven surfaces, which were treated with putty and re-sanded. The paint went on nicely thanks to a not-so-secret ingredient (acrylic retarder), which allowed the paint layers to level smoothly before drying out.

 I did a base of gloss black followed by silver from mr. Hobby's new Acrysion line - a bit pricey but the results speak for themselves. I did the pre-shade approach with the silver, painting from the middle of the part and moving outwards, without touching the edges too much. A few parts were kept gloss black, while the rest of the kit was done in post-shaded purple.

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Post-shaded orange was applied to all the vernier inserts. The shotguns and bazookas were given a flat black base followed by silver enamel drybrushing.

 All parts except for the weapons were given a black panel line wash. The decals were intentionally left off, as I felt like they wouldn't go well with the color scheme. I had a great time revisiting this kit, and I'm already thinking of doing a similar scheme for my own GoGo Kampfer Kai in the near future. For now, at least until I deliver him to his rightful owner, he'll be in my display cabinet standing next to the Desolator.

PS: special thanks to Meijin Modeler Gavin Manners for his tips on dealing with the seams on this kit! Check out his take on the MG Kampfer HERE.

Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. Good Pm sir, what is new about the acrysion line? Thanks

    1. Not sure really. I just started seeing it being sold at my local hobby store over a week ago and they said the stuff was new. Can't really see any difference though

  2. Sir, I just want to ask if you're from Philippines? And if you are. Could you name some hobby shops here that sells hobby paints like mr.color,tamiya,vallejo, etc. Thanks! :)

    1. Yes I'm in the Philippines. The hobby shops I've been to are Special Toys Festival mall and Binondo branches, Lil's in Glorieta and Megamall. There are a few others but I've never been there so I can't say if they carry paints.