Friday, September 5, 2014

Commission WIP - Wing Proto Zero

Greetings and salutations plamo enthusiasts! I recently took on some commission jobs, the first of which is the MG Wing Proto Zero. Here's where I'm at so far...

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I've snapped the kit and dealt with all nubs, which I am glad to report are quite well placed and easy to get rid of with this kit.

The only problematic nubs are the ones on the round segment of the red shoulder pieces, which are connected to the sprue by an inexplicably thick shaft of plastic (about twice the girth of a normal sprue). Those needed quite a bit of sanding to clean off.

There are some ridiculously small parts around the shoulders. They aren't loose but I'd recommend using a bit of glue as a precaution. Overall this is a very solid kit with good color separation and amazingly sharp detail out of the box - an absolute must-have for any Wing fan.

I gave the whole thing a light dusting of Mr. Surfacer 1200, just to help with paint adhesion. This also helped reveal any nubs that needed some extra care before heading on to paint.

The order was for a straight build and paint, but I convinced the owner to opt for a bit of shading just to give it that airbrushed look. I'll be doing a post-shade on this one, so a base coat of the basic colors will go down first.

The whites are ready for shading, as are the gunmetal internals which will get a dark wash. I'm halfway done with the reds, and should have everything base-coated by the weekend.

I wanted to finish this build by now, but the rainy weather we've been having lately is getting in the way of my painting schedule. I'd rather take more time on a project for better results, than rush and deliver something sub-optimal. Meanwhile I'm keeping myself occupied by doing some cleanup on the next commission project - a GM Sniper - which, compared to the Proto Zero, is a nub cleaning nightmare.

Until the next update, keep building plamo!

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