Friday, September 26, 2014

Commission WIP - MG GM Sniper

Hello fellow otakus! I'm currently working on a client's MG GM Sniper. Here's how the build is going so far.

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Right off the bat I knew I was going to do some serious cleaning on this model. Nub-work alone took an entire day. I also had to deal with the seam-lines on the guns and rifle battery.

you can almost build an HG GM sniper from the nubs on this thing...

These older kits also have a lot of mold lines that need to be sanded down. You don't see these anymore on newer releases.

Once all the pre-paint work was done, I primed everything with Mr. Surfacer 1200.

The client wanted a color scheme similar to the Titanfall mecha: an off-white base, with greenish highlights and a fair bit of weathering.  I'm using Mr. Hobby acrylics as usual, mixing a tiny bit of tan into a pot of gloss white for my base color.

(pic borrowed from the interwebs, credits to the owner)

I then shaded the off-white pieces with what was left of the same batch of paint, but with more tan mixed in. I'm currently working on the base green color and will be shading these pieces as well.

Next up will be the internal frame and weapons. I'm thinking grey with touches of the same green for the guns, and black dry-brushed with silver for the internals. I'm really looking forward to the weathering stage of this project!

Till next time, keep building plamo!

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