Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Superbuilds II

Good day plamo fanatics, and welcome to another edition of Superbuilds! Today I'll be featuring some super clean builds that will make anyone question their abilities as a modeler. What are you waiting for? Plamo paradise awaits!

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First up is Rainmaker's MG Buster Gundam:

Rainmaker - Buster

At a glance, this just looks like a well painted Buster. But take a closer look ...that's see it now don't you? the subtle yet effective RG style color scheme...the ultra-fine scribing...precision detailing...and the smooth as silk finish on the paint.
This is one ball busting buster!

Has your jaw touched floor yet? Good. Don't pick it up, it's about to drop again anyway. Here's his take on the Proto Zero:

Rainmaker - Proto Zero

I am yet to find his personal blog (if he even has one), and if anyone out there knows where else he shares his work, do let me know. For now I'm happy looking at the pics on Modelers-G.

Still aching for more eye candy? Check out matmat825's work. As you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of the Tallgeese - and I swear I will do one someday that still keeps the original look. When I do, I'll be taking inspiration from this:

matmat825 - Tallgeese

If you're unfamiliar with the MG tallgeese, you'll probably think there isn't much going on here. Scroll down to the work in progress photos and you will understand why this is one of my favorite Tallgeese builds.

I love a blog that shows WIP pictures because you get a sense of how much work goes into the builds. It helps the viewer appreciate all the tiny custom details that would have otherwise been taken for granted.

matmat825 also did a Proto Zero, and it is nothing short of sexy.

matmat825 - Proto Zero

Even if it's in Japanese, take the time to go through his blog. The pictures are well worth the effort.

Let's wrap this feature up with a Geara Doga and a Sazabi ver. Ka. from the genius that is visualpollution:
visualpollution - Geara Doga
visualpollution - Sazabi ver. ka

These builds are proof that you don't need twenty-something weapon attachments, exotic themes and color schemes, or kitbashed and scratch-built parts to get good results. Some well executed detailing is more than enough, and it is what I hope to learn as I continue honing my own skills.

That's all for this edition of Superbuilds. I leave you all with a quote from Agent Simons!

Till next time, keep building plamo!

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