Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Featured Seller - Zeropoint Gundam

Hello Otakus! Looks like it's shaping up to be a busy week! Today I'll be featuring another wallet friendly online store - Zeropoint Gundam!

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Zeropoint Gundam is fairly new to the plamo business, having started operations only last May of this year, but their competitive prices and flexible ordering system make them a very attractive choice for plamo shoppers, particularly for those living south of Manila where they arrange most of their meet-up transactions.

Methods of transaction:

Erick Torio, the owner of Zeropoint Gundam, does weekly hauls of kits from his suppliers based on the orders he gets throughout the week. When he goes to pick up your orders, he will contact you ASAP if the kit you want is unavailable and will offer alternatives on the spot, so you can choose to get another kit if
your first choice is unavailable, or just hang on to your cash if you're willing to wait for stocks to arrive.

 Zeropoint Gundam also takes preorders for upcoming releases, and orders for kits and figures from the hottest brands . Just send Erick a message via Facebook for your inquiries on prices and availability.

Give their Facebook page a like so you can stay updated on the latest promos and package deals!

Update 7/11/2014
Check out Zeropoint Gundam's ongong promo - get a free Gundam inspired shirt for a minimum purchase of Php1200!

Promo mechanics can be found on their page.

Till next time, keep building Plamo!

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