Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Featured Seller - Tamago's Cases and Bases

You've just built your dream kit - it took you forever to locate, cost you a small fortune to acquire, and you've spent so much time building it, it's practically priceless to you. Don't let your masterpiece collect dust on the shelf...give it the protection it deserves by housing it in one of these!

Allow me to introduce you all to Tamago's Cases and Bases - your top choice for custom made display paraphernalia!

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Whether you're into Gunpla, action figures, dolls, die-cast/model cars - pretty much anything that is meant to be appreciated from a safe distance and kept away from greasy fingers - Tamago's can make the perfect sized case for you!

Tamago's has been making top quality display cases for collectors and hobbyists since 2012. Their products are made of high-clarity acrylic that is both light-weight and very durable. I should know - I "accidentally" dropped mine a few feet and there wasn't a single scratch on it. If it had been a glass case, I'd still be picking glass shards out of my leg.

Here are some medium sized cases housing 1/100 scale kits for size comparison...

With measurements of 7.75"(L) x 7.75"(W) x 12"(H), their standard medium case could easily fit even the larger 1/100 models, or an HG doing some dynamic poses on an action base.

*sneak preview of my next release ;)
If their standard sizes aren't quite what you need, you can have one made to your own specifications. You can also opt for a clear base instead of the standard gloss black, and have some graphics printed on the base for an extra personal touch. I think the black base adds a touch of class :)

Here are their methods of transaction, and the pricing scheme for standard sizes:

Check out these other great designs, shared by Tamago's satisfied customers!

They also do printed name cards, which are great for organizing and labeling your collection!

For inquiries on pricing and custom measurements, you can reach them via email at or through their Facebook page.

Till next time, keep building plamo!

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