Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MG EX-S (daban) WIP 2

This is WIP 2 for the MG EX-S. You can find WIP 1 here: WIP 1

I've been making slow but steady progress on this project. Here's what I've done so far...

I went with a simpler hole for the shoulders than what I have on my Quill sketches, but there will still be some plating to do to make it look more intricate. The image below shows my method for opening up panels. First, I sketch on the part with a pencil. When I am happy with the design, I drill the corners of the shape with a pin vise. Using Dymo tape as a guide, I then scribe the shape out. I do this lightly at first to get the edges straight, then add more pressure and scribe as deep as i possibly can. The deeper I can scribe, the less work I have to do with a hobby knife. I then cut the shape out carefully with the knife and clean out the edges with sandpaper. The same method was used to do the chest holes.

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I also sawed off a segment of this torso piece to make room for hydraulics and other internal details...

I picked up this technique for doing pla-plate somewhere online, but lost the link. If I ever find the link again i'll make sure to credit the original poster here. First I place a small piece of acetate/transparency over the part where the plate will be. I then use a marker to sketch the plate design.

The acetate is then placed over a sheet of plastic plate, and I drill through the corners of the design using a pin vise. However unlike the panel opening technique explained above, this time the drilling is only meant to go through the acetate and leave a shallow mark on the pla-plate. These dot marks will again serve as a guide for the scriber.

I then scribe out the shape (again with the help of dymo tape for straight edges). This time, since the plastic plate is quite thin, I can just use scissors to cut out the shape after scribing. With some clean up and sanding, I end up with this:

I still have a long way to go, but I'll keep the blog updated as much as I can. Until next time!

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