Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MG EX-S (daban) WIP 1

I started this project in April and have been making slow progress...being a dad leaves very little time for your hobbies! Anyway, here is what I have done so far:

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The kit was snap built, cleaning nubs and sanding along the way.

Using the Quill software on my phone, I drafted up the mods I intend to do...

I have started in on the scribing...

I think it's a shame that the huge thrusters are hidden away on the back. I'm thinking of relocating them to replace the side skirts and give the whole thing a "heavy arms" feel. (I've also been watching a lot of Muv Luv: Total Eclipse lately and I like the idea of skirt mounted engines). Although I like the EXs' design, it seems very top heavy to me, especially with those giant fuel tanks hanging from the shoulders.

This mod will limit articulation even more, but I never play with my kits after painting anyway, so it makes no difference to me. (The guns on the thruster engines are just begging to be replaced with twin gatlings from Unicorn! we shall see...)

That's all for now. Updates may be few and far apart, but I will do my best to finish this project despite time and budget constraints.


  1. Hi are you a Filipino? Can you help a brother out and make a tutorial about scribing? or point me to a good one.

  2. Nice detailing u have planned there.cant wait to see the finish product.

  3. Thanks! Yes I am Filipino. There are lots of scribing guides online. Here's a good example by DC23. http://mechacrazycustoms.blogspot.com/2013/04/scribing-panel-lines-tutorial-by-dc23.html?m=1

    I follow the same procedure for scribing, but use dymo tape as a ruler because it sticks to the plastic and frees up both hands for getting a good grip on the part while scribing. I also use a similar technique to open up panels. The only difference is I scribe as deep as possible, then cut all the way through with a hobby knife, after which I sand the edges smooth.