Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Banagher Links, launching!"

This project went smoothly, and I was able to finish in about 5 weeks time from initial snap-build to final top coat. The build is fairly straightforward - with very few panel lines and rivets added to break up blank armor panels. I went with my planned color scheme although the blues and greys ended up on different parts. The shading is a bit more subdued than I intended ( I didn't expect mr.hobby white to have such good coverage LOL). Tamiya panel line enamel was used for panel lines, and lots of decals give it that "ver.Ka" feel.

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The original plan was to shorten the beam magnum to resemble a sub-machine gun, but I decided to turn it into a full rifle because of the big ammo clip. I ended up with a beam magnum spliced with the front end of HG 7sword's rifle. I think the clear green blade goes well with the psychoframe. I'm not a fan of beam weapons but those on the 7-Sword are an exception.

Lessons learned:
    1. Preshade needs to be a bit darker if you intend to mist over it.
   2. Enamel panel liner cleaned up with lighter fluid is ok on a full acrylic paintjob (and don't smell bad at all).
    3. Snap-building first is the way to go. It lets you get a good look at the model before any modifications.
    4. Wait for paint to cure completely before applying a clear coat, as the paint may "shrink" underneath the clear and cause micro-cracks.

I will probably build a simple base for this as I prefer to have it in an action pose off of the ground.

Check out the shelf section for a few more pictures of this kit! --> SHELF

Here's a cost analysis of this project as promised. At Php46.03 per day for 5 weeks it is well within my limit.

My next practice project is an MG Seven Sword (Daban), which I expect will take a bit longer than this one as i'll be plating and scribing that kit to kingdom come. I'll be trying my hand at some paint masking as well.

Stay tuned!


  1. Very Very Nicely done ..... I love the gun .. The pre-shading are nicely done.. no need to go darker ....

    Hope to see this boy soon on the Mecha Lounge

    1. Thanks mate! I'll take some better shots of my kits for the forum.